The wizarding money is the currency of the Wizarding world. It consists of 3 coins, including Gold Coins, Silver pennies, and Bronze. You can get money in the Wizarding World in various different ways.

The currencyEdit

Gold coinEdit

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A gold coin is the supreme currency. These coins are the most shiniest, and never rust or get dirty. Gold coins are most commonly found in their ATMs or Afretacala Bank Accounts. They are used to pay for much powerful or better objects.

Silver pennyEdit

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Silver pennies are used for the average and normal objects, they are pure silver and can only be spent if they are below 10 years before making. They are common and you get 10 Silver pennies when you make an account at the Afretacala Bank.


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Bronze is the most common money and the most easiest-to-find money in the Wizarding World, you can easily find these on some streets such as the Wizard Town, but some you might find somewhere else, such as the unidentified buskers in the Government of Magic.