The Prime Minister was writing a report in his giant office. "Darn, the pen ran out of ink," moaned the Prime Minister as his writing was white, he put the pen down on his desk and went to get some tea from his kitchen. As the Prime Minister came back he walked through the door and saw someone in his office, well, it wasn't the Prime Minister's office anymore. He looked out the window and he saw a dirty and littered street below. He looked around the room as the marble walls were shining as the candles were flying in the ceiling. "Where am I?" the scared Prime Minister said to himself, "A House of Parliment," said a man sitting behind the polished, brown desk. "We need you for something Prime Minister," he said and he waved a stick in his hand, a quill and parchment flew up from a drawer in the desk and the Prime Minister was looking astonished at the other person's face, "Which house of Parliament?" the Prime Minister asked sternly, "The Government of Magic headquarters, we're in London, a quite horrible alleyway with walls with posters and sickening litter, there's a disguised charm on the outer building and doors and windows to make human minds disbelieve the intellegence of our society, and you are the only one who I can discuss with or yours and my world will be in fatal peril and the entire universe could be in the close chance of implosion, you are the only one who I need to communicate in a politicial way of magic and theory and the fate of the universe is in our speech. I am old, very old, 104 years old, and you, Prime Minister, are the only human which can understand the intellect of wizardry and witchcraft. Hello, I'm President of Magic Harold Emeralson and I am here to save your world and mine. Fancy some tea?" he complicatedly 'explained' and the Prime Minister was gaping for breath at the long speech, "Wha - What - is - is - bad that - is - is - happ - happening - then?" the Prime Minister asked and he sat down on a chair. Harold Emeralson took a breath and sighed, "The most darkest wizard of our world is attacking," but the Prime Minister only done a puzzled look, "Mirumorz," the President explained.

"Who's Mirumorz?" asked the human Prime Minister. "Our enemy," the President said. The Prime Minister then looked around the office again, "Ok, what do we need to talk about?" and suddenly Emeralson pulled him into a comfy, red velvet chair on his desk, they faced each other. Harold flicked his wand and the curtains suddenly shut. "We need to do a little, rewiring with your security," and the Prime Minister bounced up and frowned at the President, "I am happy so forth WITH my security systems!" and the President of Magic calmed him down and looked at him. "Richard needs to be fired," Emeralson said but the Prime Minister gasped, "Not my Richard Quotrick!" but the magic President facepalmed, "Richard Quotrick is the great descendant of a blimey wizard from 198 BC!" and he got up from the desk and paced around the office as his grey hair shone in the firelight. "Richard Quotrick is ACTUALLY my secretary!" informed the Prime Minister. "You don't get it Mr. Prime Minister, Richard Quotrick is not who you know. He is a wizard, but not good, he works for our Mirumorz," but the Prime Minister done a frustrated expression, "WHO IS BLIMEY MIRROR MORSE!" he yelled and the President corrected him, "MIRUMORZ, is a dark wizard who started his army in 1991 and has killed lives, became immortal and he owns a legend, the very own Superior Wand," and the Prime Minister sighed.

"I have no choice then, I will therefore fire Richard Quotrick," said the Prime Minister. "Good choice," Harold said. "Who are you though? I mean like, WHO are you?" the Prime Minister asked as he looked at the face of the President, his grey eyes were boring as the Prime Minister's brown eyes were boring too. "I'm not just a President, I'm THEE President," said Harold Emeralson. The Prime Minister looked puzzled, "What's that supposed to mean?" but the President of Magic gave a chuckle, "It means I've been waiting for you ages Prime Minister, it means I've been sitting at my desk. My quill ink ran out, like yours. I was expecting you to make yourself some tea as you did so I done the diversional spell that I do all the time, cause I'm clever, so if you walked out the door you would be back in 10 Downing Street but if you came back in you would be here, in the dark alleyway just a couple kilometres away from your house. If I dismissed the diversional spell then you would be back in your office," said the President of Magic smiling. "Anything else bad?" asked the Prime Minister. "Yes, you know the -" but the Prime Minister stopped him, "It was a hurricane OK, just some normal stuff," but the President shushed him, "IT'S A REQUEST FOR SILENCE NOT A SHUSH!" the Prime Minister demanded, "It wasn't a hurricane," said the President and the Prime Minister stopped and gazed at Harold Emeralson, "Mirumorz's Army have a few members disguised in the British Parliament Prime Minister, I am not a threat! I want to get rid of these infultraters and keep the world safe." and the Prime Minister sat down in the scarlet chair again as Emeralson sat behind the desk. "We have found out 7 Mirumorz's Army members so far, here's a list," and Emeralson pulled a peice of parchment out of his draw and passed it to the Prime Minister, who read it:

1) Sam Petrellico (Mirumorz himself) - MOST WANTED!!!

2) Robert Umegruff - Sidekick

3) Rebecca Umegruff - First Aider!

4) Richard Quotrick - SPIES ON HUMANS!


6) Albert Ross - Helps Mirumorz get immortal (helper 1)

7) John Seddler - Helps Mirumorz get immortal (helper 2) (Dead)

"So, most of them are dead?" the Prime Minister asked. "Two which are known," said the President of Magic sadly. "Remember Prime Minister, call me if you need me. Goodbye," and Harold clicked his fingers and the Prime Minister was back in his boring white office.


Thomas Joshman woke up from a vivid nightmare! He was sweating, his eyes were baggy and he was super scared! The clock suddenly struck midnight and yellow glowing was outside his window, did anyone else notice the sun was out at midnight? Or was it just a mirage? The sun seemed to come closer to the Joshman house, BASH! "THOMAS!" yelled Reginald angrily and a boy came out of the sun and grabbed Tom's hand, the boy was in a brown dressing gown and he was pulling Tom's hand as hard as possible, Reginald was hanging onto Tom's foot and both of the men were nearly going to tear Tom apart. SPLAT! Reginald lost grip and Tom flew into the sun with the strange boy. Suddenly he was in a house with stone stairs and a 4 person dining table. "This is my house Tom," said the boy, who Tom found out was, no, "TIM!" happily shouted Tom and he leaped into Timothy Woolustuc's arm and gave him a friendly hug. "Better go to bed," said Tim looking at a diamond hanging from the ceiling. "What's that?" asked Tom pointing at the diamond hanging from the ceiling, "It's a TimeTracker, you can get them from the DIY Magical Emporium in the Wizard Town," explained Tim. Thomas and Timothy walked up the grey stone steps twice until they reached Tim's bedroom. "I live in the attic," said Tim, the room had posters of Fobull players and a yellow bed in the corner. "Here's your bed," said Tim pointing at another bed in the corner.

After the sleep Tim lead Tom downstairs. "Mum, Dad, THIS IS TOM!" said Tim presenting Tom. The family all clapped and cheered, a man stood up from the square dining table and shook his hand, the man had a bowtie, vest and a velvet purple jacket. "Nice to meet you Mr. Joshman, I'm Jim, Jim Woolustuc," said the man shaking Tom's hand with both of his. A man who was balding and had a mustache came over and welcomed Tom too, "Herbert Woolustuc Thomas, Tim's father," explained the other man and a woman with shoulder-length blonde hair welcomed him, "Abigail Mr. Joshman, Tim's mother," she said and Tom tried to smile. The family (and Tom) ate some toast and suddenly a frog jumped on Tim's plate. "AHH!!!" screamed Tim and he leapt in his mother's arms, the frog was carrying a letter and it placed a letter on Tom and Tim's plate, the green frog disappeared. "I don't like frogs, that's why I ordered a mouse," said Timothy still thinking of the frog. Tom torn the letter open and read it:

Dear, Thomas Joshman

In the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland this year we are having ANOTHER NEW HUMAN STUDIES teacher. You will need to follow Miss Susan Roddle's rules she puts out. Miss Susan Roddle used to work in the Government of Magic in the Animal Species Department for 10 years until she joined Milkenshland as a teacher. She needs you to get 5 books for her Human-Studies class:

1) Humans by Sammy McWilliams

2) Vehicles: What are Those? by Rodney Kordel

3) The Learner's Guide to Humans by Michelle Dordee

4) A Human Tale by Chivalry Jones

5) ABNORMAL by Jacob Launder

Signed, Susan Roddle

And Tom looked at the swirly gold signature below it, "I don't trust her," whispered Tim in Tom's ear. "What if she's nice?" whispered Tom. As the hours flickered into days Herbert was calling from the ground floor, "TIME FOR THE WIZARD TOWN!" and Tim, Jim and Tom were running down the stairs. "Into the car," said Abigail pointing to a rusty old blue Jalopy. "That car looks - terrible," moaned Tom and his nose wrinkled at the stench of the bad vehicle. "Trust me, it's better than you think," said Tim but Thomas disbelieved him. Tim, Tom and Jim went in the back of the car and Jim sat in the middle. The seats were leather and a mucky atlas was in the back pocket of the passanger seat. Herbert jumped in the driver's seat and Abigail rummaged her handbag. "Ok, I've got it," said Abigail and the car started shaking and tumbling. The car roared it's engine and turned sideways, the exhaust pipe was fuming some purple smoke and stars splashed around the car. The jalopy smacked and it zoomed into the blue sky at the speed of light.

Blop! The car landed on a road in a dual carridgeway in the corner of Somerset, the car rocked and tumbled while it drived on the pretty road. "Won't the people notice us? A rusty old car but everyone else is Honda Civics and Camaros," but the people in the car (except Tom) laughed. "No, we have an Obtentus Charm on us," said Herbert looking at the road. A giant other dual carridgeway was coming off the one in Somerset, 'Wizarlokoia, Quickest Way to a Magical Day' it said on a green sign. "What's Wizarlokia?" asked Tom to Herbert who was driving, "Absolutely, everywhere," and Tom looked out the window and they were on an invisible bridge flying above cities and towns and everywhere in the world, the rubbish car was probably 1000 metres above the world and they only saw a speck of blue tickling across the sky. Tom saw a sign say '200 magic per hour' and Herbert pressed a button on his car dashboard, the engine zapped to life and flew itself. Suddenly it stopped and they were on a bit of grey in the middle of the sky, Abigail rolled her window downwards. "Yes?" she asked to a stinky and smelly green man who was sitting in a booth, "Ticket please," the grumpy man demanded, Abigail put a peice of parchment in the greenish-yellow hand the man held out. The man ripped the ticket up and let the car past, "Hags," moaned Herbert still flying across the sky. After hours the car suddenly landed on a dual carridgeway in London. They reached a normal road in the town and parked nearby a restaurant named 'Burger Shaft'. When the people went inside there was a counter with some boring fruit cake and peanuts with an old man behind it. A sign was hanging by one chain on the ceiling:

Ham Sandwich - 10 pence Peanuts - 1 pound Fruit Cake - 2 pound Shreddies Cereal - 50 pence

and there were tables with uneaten food and people reading Human newspapers. "Excuse me, I am an employee," said Herbert falsely. "No ya' no', neva' 'een ya'," said the man behind the counter who had baggy eyes and a floppy chef's hat. Herbert pulled out a scrap of paper out his jacket, "Government of Magic, Seargent of Secrecy Office 67," Tim's dad said and even though the person didn't know about magic, his eyes turned to spirals and he let the Woolustuc family through a metal door saying 'EMPLOYEES ONLY!' in red on the greasy sign. Suddenly the family and Tom were in a wooden tavern with a candelabra dangling from the ceiling. Booths were lined along the walls with people in purple robes and pointed hats sitting in the seats, a wizard with a grey bushy beard and a top hat was standing behind a stall giving beer and wine to people and wishing them a happy summer. "Hello, Mr Woolustuc," welcomed a man who was balding and had silvery hair and spectacles, "Afternoon," greeted Herbert and he bowed to the person. A woman smoking a pipe stood up from her wooden booth and shook Herbert and Abigail's hand while her indigo cape fluttered behind her, "And here is Mr Joshman," said Tim's dad and every single person fell silent, the bartender dropped a bottle of '17th Century Sorcerer's Nettle Wine: Brewed by Skilled Witches of the Age' wine and the woman stopped smoking her vicious pipe, a man dropped his Wizard Daily newspaper and a woman came up from the wall. "Hello, Mr Joshman and Mr Timothy Woolustuc, I am Susan Roddle," said the quite-fat woman who wore a light pink blouse and a hot pink skirt.


"Hello Susan," greeted Herbert, "How are you on this fine summer's day?" and Susan done a small cough (hem hem), "I am not well Mr Woolustuc," she whispered sadly and Herbert joined her for a chat on a table. "Why not?" said Herbert and Susan looked at the pile of napkins on the table, "The British Prime Minister is having a bad day, and Brita disappeared somehow from Floor 3," explained Susan and Tim's father done a small face. "Brita Jenkins?" he asked and Susan done a small nod. Herbert Woolustuc stayed to talk with Susan while Abigail browsed shops, Jim was meant to look after Tom and Tim. Tom pulled out his list of books again so he walked over to a shop which had a large golden plaque on top of it, 'BOB'S BOOKSTORE' carved into the golden sign. Tom and Tim entered the shop and searched hundreds of shelves. There were 5 floors of continuous book shelves and each floor with different categories. Floor 1 was Spells and Charms, Floor 2 was Animals and Creatures, Floor 3 was Flying Carpet Racing and Fobull, Floor 4 was Humans and Floor 5 was Stories. As the 2 boys searched the fourth floor of the giant bookstore they finally found all 5 books they needed. At the counter they paid money and bought the books which got loaded into a carrier bag.

They soon headed towards Johnson's Ice Cream parlour but Jim said "No, you have to go and get your new uniform first!" so the two boys slumped into 'Miss Mobe's Lovely Robes: All Sizes, All Schools and All Colours' and there was a giant sticker beside the door saying '20% off all clothing (excluding colour-changing robes)' so Tom and Tim looked at their parchment list.

Plain white shirt Team 5 Grey Blazer V-Neck Red Striped Jumper Team 5 Tie (NOT CLIP-ON!) Black School Shoes White everyday socks Team 5 Pointed Hat Milkenshland Robe/Cape Version 2.1 Cauldronfoot Incorporated Plain black wellies (for winter)

Tom and Tim bought everything on the list and they walked to Johnson's Ice Cream Parlour. Tom saw a sign on the glass counter. 'NEW! 3 flavors in 1 Ice Cream for 1 gold coin!' it read, "I'll have 3 of the new ones please," said Jim looking at the sign and the woman asked, "Which flavors for who?" as he grabbed her scoop, "Strawberry, Jam, and Money for me," said Tim, "Sugar, Bread and Sweets for me!" demanded Tom and Jim said, "Toast, Butter and Marmalade for me," and Tom and Tim thought Jim's decision was boring. After their ice creams they walked into the street and met someone with his parents, it was, no, Oswald Umegruff. "Haha, Joshy!" laughed Oswald while his parents looked down and smirked, Rebecca Umegruff drew her wand after the fight with her last year. "What are YOU doing?" asked Oswald ready to snort at his stupid doings. "I'm just hanging out with my - uncle - My Uncle Harry," lied Tom and Oswald asked to see 'Uncle Harry'. "He's busy," excused Tom, "I know there's no Uncle Harry Joshy, you're hanging out with that Wooly Ball family, HAHAHAHA!" snorted Oswald like a pig, his parents were laughing. "SHUT UP!" demanded Thomas angrily but they kept laughing horribly, suddenly some worms splodged out of Oswald's mouth and his face went green, a bucket fell on Rebecca's head from the middle of nowhere and Robert fell over and his trousers fell down, a frog was also suddenly on Tom's shoulder carrying a message. Tom opened the letter carefully and it shouted right in his face:


With Love, Molly Haddles

and the letter suddenly fell to the floor. A hundred people were staring at Tom and Tim and Jim were standing outside the door of the ice cream parlour, some windows were smashed and some of the pointed hats came off wizards. "What - the - bloody bonkers!" yelled Tim from the parlour and the Umegruffs ran away. "I know," said Tom, "That rocked Tom!" applaused Jim thinking about the Umegruffs. The wizards shuffled away from Thomas in case he bewitched them. The three people walked into a shop where people were chanting music, "Magical Loss and Paths filled with Moss, the Humming Bird hums and we are done. HORRAY!" until they all looked at Tom and shooed him out of the shop. When they went back into the tavern they met Abigail and Herbert waiting for them, they left through the metal 'Employees Only' door of the restaurant and into the beaten car. It was sunset and they flew away into the red sun.


When they reached the Woolustuc house in Devon again they all went to bed. After a couple days it was Tom's birthday, Tom's parents had never treat him bad but he had never had a Woolustuc tradition party. Herbert put a 'spinning silver ball with lights' on the ceiling and a 'flashing different colour floor' on the floor. It was time for Tom's presents and Herbert gave him a golden pocket watch with stars and moons instead of the numbers, Abigail gave Tom a pair of terrific red trainers she got from the Wizard Town, Tim gave him a photo of Tim and him waving to the person holding the picture and Jim gave him a wallet that was bigger on the inside than the outside (so you could store LOTS of money in it but it didn't look it from the outside). When the Milkenshland Plane landed a couple metres away from the Woolustuc house, the Woolustuc family waved goodbye and the two boarded the plane. "Oh, had a sleepover Mr Joshman?" asked Pilot Monroe looking at Tim and Tom, "Yeah," said Tom and he smiled at Pilot Monroe, he smiled back. They finally found a table with Olivia on, "Happy Birthday Tom," said Olivia smiling at Tom and gave him a weird misshapen object. "What's this?" Tom asked, "You'll find out," said Olivia. Suddenly the plane took off and they were sailing on the white clouds.

After half an hour it struck midday, "Start up Empri - Empri - BZZZZZ!!!" the speaker had a fault, the plane started to slow down and the lights flickered. The plane started to fall, "We can't be there yet, why aren't we catching fire?!" yelled Olivia and it became grey and dark in the plane. "What's there?" whispered Oswald Umegruff to his friend George Taddleston. A ghost came up the aisle, but it wasn't a normal ghost, this ghost was covered in soft white sheets of - something and it had no face or even hands. It glided through the entire aisle and somehow looked at each of the people, Pilot Monroe tried pressing the red emergency button on his console but it didn't work. The ghost continued gliding until it finally saw Oswald Umegruff, Oswald crouched into his seat and looked at the creature, he shivered, he frozen to fear, he WAS fear, suddenly Oswald Umegruff stopped shivering and frozen as if he was an ice sculpture. The white ghost reached Tom's table and looked at each of them, It began to gain up on Tom, his memories were being drained.

"SHUT UP!" demanded Thomas and he made Oswald's mouth squirm with worms. That memory was gone "I am Percival Bendrist, your headmaster," said Bendrist. That memory was also gone

The ghost started blocking Tom's nose, he couldn't smell, Tom's mouth soon couldn't talk and frozen, his eyes couldn't see, his ears couldn't hear. Tom suddenly crouched up into a ball and frozen. "TOM!" cried Tim and he shook Tom hard, "What was that - thing?" asked Tom and Olivia stopped reading her book, "It was a Phantom, deadlier than a ghost, much deadlier," she said and Tom realized he was lying down, with the misshapen thing in his hand. A man came over to Tom, his grey hair was growing up to a beard but a small one. He had a tie, a jacket and a long purple cape. "I'm Deputy Headmaster Kompson, you can call me Bob though," he said and he pulled Tom up and carried him off the plane. They were in Milkenshland, "I'm sorry you've missed the feast, go to your bedroom," he said so Tom, helped by Tim and Olivia, limped to the Team 5 bedroom. As Tom lay in his bed he stared at the candle s floating in the ceiling, "What's wrong?" asked Tim as he sat up and looked at Tom, "Mirumorz is out there somewhere,"Tom said and he looked out the glass window which the rain was splashing on.

"Spells class!" shouted the clock so Tom, Tim and Olivia ran to the spells class where Quelfree stood silently. "Today we will learn the charm, Dehodrator, the spell which feeds people so they don't starve or thirst," he said and Tom whispered to Tim, "And there's another charm called DETENTION WHICH GIVES MR JOSHMAN DETENTION FOR 2 HOURS!" he yelled and Tom stopped whispering. Someone behind Tom raiser her hand, "Yes Miss Mowmawk?" said Quelfree and the girl said, "My granddad told me a spell in the summer called Vodor. What does it do?" and Quelfree's eyes widened, "Dark Magic," he said, the girl crouched in her wooden seat. After the Spells lesson it was time for Human Studies. "No, not in here Mr. Joshman, in the Floor 3 Human Studies Classroom on Floor 3, as you're doing the S.T.O.W." said Bendrist as he walked up the corridor, "What's the STOW?" asked Tom to Olivia as they walked up the staircase tower. "Standardized Testing Of Wizardry," she said and they found a corridor of classrooms which all had signs saying their subject name and then STOW after it. The trio walked into a room saying 'Human Studies STOW' and they found Susan Roddle standing at the front and lines of students sitting at individual desks with rolls of parchment in front of them.

"Hello Mr Joshman, Woolustuc and Pardelfoff, Come in," said Susan and they sat at individual desks. "You will have 40 minutes of reading your textbooks and then you will proceed to the test. Tom opened Humans by Sammy McWilliams and it said:

Humans are filthy animals and a betrayal to the world, they are sick and everyone should hate them -

Tom gasped, and Susan smiled at the more gasps and frowns and cries that came from the classroom. Each student had a silencing spell so they couldn't give answers or talk. "What is wrong dear?" Miss Roddle asked to Tom and she lifted the spell, "It says Humans are -" but Miss Roddle giggled, "You are meant to be learning that humans are balls of filth, haha," said Miss Roddle and Tom knew immediately SHE was the ball of filth around here. "Your reading has been finished, now to move onto the test," she said, "You have 1 hour and 30 minutes, start," and the students grabbed their quills and wrote on the parchment.

'What is a Human?' said the sheet, Tom wanted to upset Miss Roddle, 'Great people,' Tom wrote on it, the answer suddenly faded away and appeared on Miss Roddle's sheet. "Mr Joshman, detention please," she said as her pink bow dangled in her blonde frilly hair. After the horrible lesson Tom stayed behind in the classroom.

"You do the right answers in class," she said and she droned on for hours, "And that is why you need a good education, you need to learn you belong in the PURE wizarding world and not a junk pit as in your former homerealm," and Tom nodded at everything he said as she made him fall asleep. Anger was growing inside of Tom, "YOU WERE ONCE LIVING IN A HUMAN SOCIETY!" shouted Tom and Susan looked around nervously, "No - erm - I did not!" she said. Tom stood up and pointed his wand at the teacher, Roddle stood up and pointed her wand right at Tom's chest, "Hearticus Explodicus," she said but Tom dodged, "THAT'S A DARK MAGIC CURSE!" he yelled across the class. Susan came forward and grabbed Tom's jumper, "Get - out," she whispered loudly and suddenly Thomas ran out of the classroom.


"I HATE Human Studies now!" cried Tim as the three were walking through the grassy courtyard. "I hate Roddle more, in detention she tried to ACTUALLY KILL me!" said Tom. Olivia rolled her eyes, "Of course she did Tom," she said sarcastically. Tom looked up to the high tower in front of him, he saw at the top a man peering on the balcony looking at him, "I need to go somewhere," said Tom and he went through the door. The tower was considerably quiet, Tom looked through the windows and saw groups of girls laughing and boys casting spells on each other. Tom was walking up the stone steps until he reached an arch at the top, it wasn't Bendrist like he expected, but it was...NO! "Where is the boy Emerald Redruby?" said a hooded man pointing the chipped Superior Wand at the kind Emerald Redruby, Redruby looked at Tom and gave him a slight nod. "He's - not - here, he's - hiding from - you," she lied as Mirumorz was clasping his scarred hand over her neck. "No he's not, get her my phantoms," Mirumorz said and the vast white ghosts went up on Emerald. Tom's nice groundskeeper was now in a horrible scene. The phantoms closed in on Redruby and suddenly she was gone. "YOU!" yelled Tom and Mirumorz suddenly teleported.

Tom ran down the tower and into Bendrist's office. "MR BENDRIST! MR BENDRIST!!!" Tom shouted and he barged into the office, "Yes Mr Joshman?" Bendrist asked. "MIRUMORZ - REDRUBY - PHANTOM - DISAPPEAR - TOWER - BALCONY!" yelled Tom heavily breathing. "Arresto Fimicus," said Bendrist as he pointed his wand at the wall, "Yes Supreme Cheif Bendrist?" asked a man behind a desk. "Hello Brandon, I need a SWA team to go to wherever Mirumorz is," said Bendrist, "Sure," said Brandon and he pressed a button, the spell Bendrist put on the wall zapped away. As Tom exited the office a blonde-haired boy walked up the corridor, "Hello Joshy!" Oswald Umegruff said. "Umegruff!" said Tom at his enemy, "Where do you think you're going?" but Oswald just laughed, "To the Spell Office," and Tom said, "Why?" "So I can deliver a SECRET message to Mrs. Harper." Oswald proudly said holding a parchment envelope with red ribbon tied around it. Suddenly a tall girl with a badge saying 'SS' stood in front of Oswald, "What are you doing?" she asked sternly. Oswald looked up at the girl and obviously scared, he ran away and left the letter behind. The tall girl didn't realize the letter and walked away, Tom picked it up and read it in his head:

Mrs Harper

This message was delivered by Oswald Robert Umegruff in Grade 4. The letter is concerned about important things about You-Know-What.

Lord Mirumorz contacted me by wandmail last night and asked me to deliver this to you, Lord Mirumorz wants something in your drawer. He needs a red rock and a magnifying glass thingy, please return the two items to me at midnight on Tuesday 23rd September 2014.


Miss Susan Roddle

Tom gasped at the name at the end of the letter. How could Roddle be involved with Mirumorz? Did she know about the Immortality Stones? Tom ran to Tim in the Magic Hall as the school were eating their lunches. "So - Roddle is actually evil and a killer?" asked Tim, "Yes, don't you see," said Tom and he gave Tim the mysterious letter. Suddenly the clock screamed from indoors, "READING! GRADE 4 HAVE TO GO TO STOW READING!" so the Grade 4 students ran to the third floor and walked into the large reading classroom, it had a perfect view of the courtyard. Ernie Darlsday gave out that day's Wizard Daily issue, "You have 50 minutes to read the front page," said Darlsday and he tipped a timeglass with green sand over. Tom read it;


Alakazap Prison's white phantoms have moved over to protecting Milkenshland from enemy attacks, however a person slipped passed them and made Groundskeeper Emerald Jessica Redruby disappear. Thomas Reginald Joshman was known to be at the scene and the Government of Magic theories that Joshman was the character who supposedly killed Redruby. President Harold Emeralson stated in a speech, "I wan't all of you small wizards and witches of the country to not fear, the Government of Magic will protect your lives from Thomas and inform his family immedietly that he is a high-formed criminal of the magical world. Goodbye!" Thomas' mother Ebony Joshman protested of her son's dark magical behaviour, "HE WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT!" she screamed at Officer Billy Joe in her living room. Reginald Joshman and Patrick Joshman didn't care much about their family member's criminality. Thomas will be hunted, tortured then sent to Alakazap Junior Jail until he is 35.

The class looked at Tom with disgusted looks and they started shooting spells at him. "AHHHHHHH!!!" screamed Tom as he ran out the classroom, younger girls and boys walked past in the corridors and scowled at him. On the stairs a tall boy with brown hair was walking with his friend and suddenly just walked off as soon as he saw Tom, so did the friend. He reached the Team 5 hang-out room and Donald and Jack stared at him for ages and they kept silence. "Is it true?" mumbled Jack as he still stared brightly into Tom's brown eyes as he came down the stairs, "No," said Tom. "AWWWWW!!!" moaned Donald. "It would be cool," said Jack, "I'm Donald, remember, 2 years ago when the Agra-whatsit-yeah possessed me," said Donald. "Oh yeah, and who are you?" said Tom as his eyes moved on the boy with black hair and freckles doted all over his cheeks, "Jack, Jack Hemdoy," he said and he bowed.


"Do you want to be our friend?" asked Donald and Jack together. "Sure," mumbled Tom. "Tell us more about you Tom," said Jack. "My Dad's a Human, brother's a Human, and Mother's a witch. I was sent to Milkenshland in 2011," said Tom. "Cool, I was sent in 2013 last year!" said Jack. Jack then talked, "My parents are both humans. Percy Hemdoy's a politician in the British Parliament and my mum Wendy Hemdoy's a nurse," and Tom smiled, "My dad Reginald Joshman's a firefighter and my mum Ebony's also in the Parliament," "COOL!" yelled Jack and they hi-fived. Suddenly the Hang-Out Room door opened and Tim walked in. "Oh, forget it, I'll just go," he whispered as the sun went down, Tom finally stood up from the cozy red sofa. "What's wrong?" he said and he walked up the stone steps and faced Tim's sudden twinkly blue eyes, he reminded Tom of Bendrist. "Wrong? Oh no, nothing's wrong," he whispered angrily. "WELL THERE'S OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING WRONG! WHAT?!" Tom shouted and Jack and Donald were frozen still on the comfy sofa. Tim walked up the stairs to the boys bedroom and fell asleep. "What the HELL is wrong with him?!" Tom said angrily.

Tom had been friends with Tim for 3 years and now his friendship had just ended for no reason, Tom felt agressive and he stormed to Bendrist's office. Tom barged right in, "Mr Bendrist," he said and he saw that Bendrist was reading the Wizard Daily and crying. "It wasn't you Tom, and now you've broken up your friendship with Mr Woolustuc," he cried sadly, "How'd you know?" Tom asked. "Emerald disappearing, phantoms everywhere, suddenly newspaper blames you for 'killing' Emerald, it's obvious what Tim would think. Timothy has all his heart in the Wizard Daily and would love to readi t anytime but he doesn't realize it wasn't you," he whispered. "I want to sleep in a different bedroom," said Tom and Bendrist got his wand and cast a spell at the wall. Suddenly a door appeared but if you looked on the outside you couldn't see any change. Tom walked through the magical door and turned up in a room with the same door, it had a single double-bed in the far end of the giant room. And outside the window Tom could see that he was definetly in space. "Good night Tom," said Bendrist and he closed the door.

After the relaxing sleep Tom got up and had another long chat to Bendrist. "I don't think I can do my STOW exams while I can't cope with this sickness," said Tom so Bendrist gave him a potions kit. "Bare in mind this is what the students are doing right now on Floor 3. Bendrist got a book from his drawer and found a page.

"Pour 5 Beetroaut stones into the water" said Bendrist and Tom put 5 of the large purple rocks into the cauldron. "A 6 inch long lion hair," explained Bendrist so Tom done as he said. After the long potions exam Bendrist poured the potion inside a mug and poured it on a clone he made earlier. The clone's head suddenly popped off and regrew, popped off and regrew, he started hiccoughing, his hair started shrinking and growing and his fingers kept wibbling. "The very simple schoolyard potion," said Bendrist as he laughed. 'Simple?' sarcastically thought Tom.

Bendrist gave Tom a peice of paper. "This is important, your STOW has finished and now these are classes you will have to take and improve on and stuff," he said. Tom read the paper in his head:


Potions (I)

Reading (Improve) (N)

Human Studies (Improve) (N)

Alchemy/Magical Science (D)

Creatures and Animals (Improve) (U)

Death Studies (Improve) (Y)

Grades: Impossibly Brilliant (I) Did Okay (D) Unpassed (U) Not Good at All (N) You Obviously Slept In Class (Y)

Tom felt embarrased at how many classes he had to improve when 99.7% of the world now hated him. Quelfree would have kicked Tom out immedietly, Susan would send a smoky killing spell at Tom's heart and if he went near Tim for advice he would go 'GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

A knock suddenly was on the door, "Come in," said Bendrist as he wrote a letter with his quill. "Mr Bendrist, may I borrow Joshman?" said the man who stood there, "Of course," said Bendrist to the hooded man. The man brought Tom down to the dungeons where nothing but the Team 10 door and a room were. The man suddenly snapped Tom into a cupboard and turned on the light, the strange figure took his hood off. "Quelfree?" said Tom, "That's MISTER Quelfree to you," he said, "I have something for you," he said and he gave Tom a scroll of parchment. It read;

Mrs Harper

This message was delivered by Oswald Robert Umegruff in Grade 4. The letter is concerned about important things about You-Know-What.

Lord Mirumorz contacted me by wandmail last night and asked me to deliver this to you, Lord Mirumorz wants something in your drawer. He needs a red rock and a magnifying glass thingy, please return the two items to me at midnight on Tuesday 23rd September 2014.


Miss Susan Roddle

Quelfree looked at Tom. "How did you get my letter?" Tom whispered. "You dropped it in Corridor B2, I thought I might pick it up, I knew about Roddle before you did Mr Joshman. I know her secrets, she is a member in Mirumorz's Army who is infultrating the Government of Magic so she can get her grubby little greasy hands on Emeralson and get information," said Quelfree, "About what?" Tom asked. "You," Quelfree revealed and Tom's brown eyes widened and looked into Quelfree's green eyes. "I know your secret, C.E.Q," said Tom and Quelfree's smug turned into a big frown, "What?" he said looking at Tom's face. "You're friends with someone in Mirumorz's Army," he said and Quelfree's eyes widened. "Who?" he asked, "You," Tom revealed in a small whisper. Quelfree then chucked him out of the cupboard, "AVALIUM!" Quelfree yelled and a jet of purple light pushed Tom away. "Look everyone! Joshy's being hurt by his own house member!" yelled Oswald laughing grimly as he watched Tom get chucked about. "Handcuffius!" yelled Quelfree, "Incarnacum!" shouted Tom and suddenly a ball appeared made of blue and silver light, it suddenly turned into a white ghost and it hissed at both Tom and Quelfree. It gained up on Tom, Tom was being frozen and suddenly he lost consciousness of his body. Thomas Joshman was frozen, for an unknown time.


Tom realized he was an invisible ghost walking around Milkenshland. No-one could see him. He walked strangely up to the Team 5 door and went in. He saw Olivia staying well away from Tim, "Why do you hate me?" he said to Olivia. "Because you hate Tom!" Olivia threw back. He tried tapping Tim on the shoulder, "TIM LOOK BEHIND YOU!" yelled Olivia and Tim ran away from Tom. Thomas tried talking but Tim couldn't hear him, Olivia got in front of Tim and pointed her wand right at Tom. "Don't harm him!" she yelled and Tom walked closer to Olivia. Tom moved his mouth ready to talk but instead of words, an icy breath came out of Tom's mouth and froze Olivia unconscious. Suddenly Olivia was right next to Tom and she saw Tom, she gasped. Olivia was the same as she looked, her jumper with the red stripes and red tie was on the ghost but she was all white and transparent. Tim looked at the two creatures in front of him, "YOU PHANTOMS! GET AWAY!" he yelled and Tim drew his wand. "So we're phantoms?" Tom mouthed to the spirit of Olivia since if he talked it would probably do something, Olivia nodded. Tom done a movement with his hand but Tm saw a giant white ghost before him waving it's arms about like a small schoolgirl.

Bendrist barged through the Team 5 door and yelled, "REVERTO PHANTORIO!" and suddenly the phantoms disappeared and Tom and Olivia popped out of them. Tim looked horrified of them appearing out of nowhere and got really angry. "TOM! I'M NEVER YOUR FRIEND AGAIN!" he yelled and he slammed the boys bedroom door behind him. "I'm sorry Tom, I tried telling him but," "It's alright Olivia," said Tom. "Mr. Bendrist, I need you to see something," said Tom and he got a peice of parchment out of his blazer pocket. "What is that Mr Joshman?" Bendrist asked. He gave the parchment to Bendrist, the headmaster read it carefully and aloud.

Mrs Harper

This message was delivered by Oswald Robert Umegruff in Grade 4. The letter is concerned about important things about You-Know-What.

Lord Mirumorz contacted me by wandmail last night and asked me to deliver this to you, Lord Mirumorz wants something in your drawer. He needs a red rock and a magnifying glass thingy, please return the two items to me at midnight on Tuesday 23rd September 2014.


Miss Susan Roddle

"Its way past the due to hand in date now, it's June 22nd 2015!" said Bendrist, "But I agree, Mr Joshman, you have to gather up some people and help do this. You've fought a demon maniac, and Mirumorz twice, so, you CAN do this!" and Thomas nodded his head.

"Ok guys, we're going to start a group in Milkenshland which in future, will kill Mirumorz, WHO AGREES!?" Tom asked and he raised his hand, no-one else did. "And get lots of credit," he said and more people raised their hands. "Ok! Donald and Jack are in, Olivia's in, Cameron you're in and Wendy, you can join," said Tom as he pointed at everyone he said. "What will we be called?" asked Olivia. "Bendrist's Fighters," said Tom as he stood in front of the five people who had just joined. "Place your name on this parchment if you want to join!" said Tom and he sat at a desk and placed parchment on it, the five people came to the parchment with the quill that Tom gave them.

"Ok, write your grade and name," said Tom and after the writing down he read the sheet.

Thomas Joshman (Grade 4) Olivia Pardelfoff (Grade 4) Jack Hemdoy (Grade 3) Donald McCallister (Grade 4) Wendy Willson (Grade 5) Cameron Saddleson (Grade 2)

"Ok," Tom said, "We will search the castle for any large rooms we can practice in. WHERE QUELFREE OR RODDLE CAN'T FIND US!" and the students nodded. Tom gave out 5 feather quills to each of them. "This is the Bendrist's Fighters Communication Quill. Press the small button and talk through the end to talk to the group, if you wanna talk to a particular person say their full first and last name and then talk. You'll here beeping sounds when someone talks to you," Tom said and he passed the quills to everyone. "Olivia and me will search Floor 4 for a hidden room, Donald and Jack on Floor 3, and Wendy and Cameron look on Floor 2, Mr Bendrist is searching Floor 1," Tom said and he looked at Bendrist who was looking at them from the top of the stairs smiling, "And he's checking the dungeons too," Tom said and he smiled again.


As the group split up they walked around the castle inspecting each brick and floorboard of their said floor or floors. "Tom, stay close," said Olivia and she lead Tom to a wall at the end of a long, dusty corridor on Floor 4. Olivia focused on the wall and closed her eyes. "Olivia?" asked Tom looking at her suspiciously but Olivia shushed him, the wall made a sudden cracking noise and cracking lines were spreading at the concrete that held the bricks together. Tom looked through the window on the wall but it was the normal grounds of Milkenshland. The wall suddenly cracked open and the bricks tumbled onto a weird, black floor in a giant hall.

"Where's this?" asked Tom as they stared into the gigantic hall, "The Hall of Secrets," said Olivia and she clicked the button on her magic quill. "Come to Corridor 4Z and come into the hall at the end of the corridor. If it seals focus on it and close your eyes and in your head say 'Ataykarasto Cevilaforge Kan Wan Zaggortika'" she said and soon the four other people ran into the corridor.

Inside Tom was standing in front of the students. "We will be learning about some very cool spells first, repeat after me, Exeloro!" said Tom and the students pointed their wands at each other to test and both said "Exeloro," to each other. Later there was blue balls splatting on the ceiling and jets of turqouise smashing the floor. "Ok, very well," said Tom after the lesson and a noise came from above in the room. It was the red speaker, "ALL Students MUST go home for Christmas as Government of Magic inspections are taking place in the castle," said the speaker, Tom recognized the voice, it was Deputy Headmaster Kompson.

"I have an idea," said Tom as he was thinking about the 'Government of Magic inspection'. "I agree, guys. Sorry but we need to know what this inspection is about, I have a feeling its bad," said Olivia. "COOL!!!" said Donald and Jack, "Wicked," mumbled Wendy, "Brilliant!" cheered Cameron.

They sneaked into the Team 5 Hang-Out room and all drank Tom's invisibility potion. Gladly, there was no sign of Tim and the castle was fairly quiet, candles weren't lit and the magnificent grounds were unable to see through the locked oak doors. "Maybe Bendrist's office," whispered Olivia. So the fighters tip-toed to Bendrist's office but no people were there. They checked the whole castle (even the Hall of Secrets) but no-one was there but them. "I have a feeling it's in the STOW Human Studies classroom," said Tom so the group of 5 walked up carefully the stone steps and they tip-toed through the door. Tom was sure someone noticed the door move but he was slightly taken back at another group of 5 people and one man next to the blackboard who had a long white beard and a purple pointy hat.

"I am sorry Percival, you may keep the job thought. Elections will start now," said a man in stringy silver hair who was wearing a suit and tie with a long, black robe. "Ok Harold," said Bendrist who looked around. Tom saw Mrs Roddle smiling at Bendrist's sad expression. "The vote shall start," said a fat man who stood next to Emeralson in a long, light brown trench coat and a bowtie. "Yes I agree Thomson," said the President of Magic. "Stuart, may you collect the notes from my desk," Roddle demanded to the man in the brown coat. "Yes," he said. Thomson walked to were Bendrist's Fighters were standing.

"Percival, is it true that you now have an army, named Bendrist's Fighters?" Susan asked as she smiled fiendishly. "Yes," sighed Bendrist. When each of the Government members (apart from Roddle) got a peice of the paper they wrote down who either Susan Roddle or Percival Bendrist. As Tom was still invisible he peered over the President of Magic's shoulder and looked at the form.

Name: Harold Emeralson... Headmaster of Milkenshland Voting Form

Susan Roddle (tick) Percival Bendrist

and Tom gasped silently. The members gave their votes to Emeralson who said some words, "Susan Roddle is the new Headmistress of The National Magical Academy of Milkenshland," said Emeralson and an evil smirk grew on Roddle's unkind face. Susan Roddle lead Bendrist to the oak doors and she chucked him out and slammed the giant doors.


After the Christmas holidays the students came back from their holidays and saw the new headmistress standing at the end of the hall. "Hello students. I am Headmistress Susan Roddle. Mr Bendrist has the Goryo Sickness and will not return - ever - again," said Roddle as she giggled evilly. "STOW classes will take place each day, including weekends. Free time will be taken away and replaced with your normal 35 minutes of studying," she said again as the students who looked at their feet. Tom and his classmates walked to the STOW floor and walked in the Potions class were Dr Green was standing walking around the desks. "Dr Green, why does Miss Stuck-Up Stupid Roddle have to be so horrible?!" yelled Donald in the back, "Don't talk with so much mutiny in your voice Mr McCallister," said Dr Green to Donald.

"What are the magical properties of Sodium Chlorite?" asked Dr Green. Tom raised his hand, "Yes Mr Joshman?" said Green as he pointed at Tom. "It's good for putting on chips," said Tom and a couple people laughed. "Correct. Salt, or known as Sodium Chlorite was actually founded by William Quordrick from the wizarding world in 318 BC," said Dr Green.

After the Potions lesson Tom walked to the Team 5 Hang Out Room where Tim was sitting on the sofa and he looked up at Tom walking down the stairs. "What do YOU want?" yelled Tom angrily, "To say - I'm sorry, it wasn't you. And Jack and Donald told me about Bendrist's Fighters, I wanna join," said Tim sadly. "Sure," said Tom and he walked down the stairs. Olivia raised her eyebrows, "SURE??? Tim breaks up with you for the whole of Christmas, he comes back, and after - 2 BILLION years, you just say 'SURE!'" laughed Olivia, "Yeah I do," said Tom without realising her meaning.

At 6:00 the students walked to bed apart from the Bendrist's Fighters members. They drank Tom's invisibility potion and tip-toed to Floor 4. On the way they saw teachers and Special Students patrolling the corridors. They snook past the patrollers and finally got to the corridor. Olivia closed her eyes and suddenly the wall opened to reveal the Hall of Secrets.

"Ok," said Tom but a man in a suit and tie suddenly walked in the Hall. "Mr Joshman and his friends! DETENTION PLEASE!" yelled the man and he lead Bendrist's Fighters to the Headmistress's Office. "Come in," said Roddle faintly from inside. The students walked in the office, the walls were painted pink and large hot pink curtains covered the window. Miss Roddle sat behind a new polished desk with a rose tablecloth. "All of you will go in the Detention Jail," said Roddle. "BUT WE'RE TOO YOUNG!" protested Tim, "Not anymore," the evil headmistress said and she pushed a button on her desk and the rug flew off. The students fell through billions of tunnels and slides until they were in a grey prison cell underground the school. Instead of the teachers who guarded the jail some large white phantoms glided past the bars and stared at the prisoners from an unusually long time.

"I'm starving," moaned Tim as the phantom finally drifted off, "All of us are," said Tom and the students gave a slight nod. After a couple hours Tom found a small air vent in the wall. "Look," he whispered and Bendrist's Fighters looked at Tom. Thomas climbed up and crawled through the vent, the students followed carefully. Suddenly a phantom followed them as quickly as possible through the vent and they crawled faster. Another phantom enclosed them and they were surrounded in the air vent by two of the white and horrible phantoms.

"AHHHH!!!" screamed Tom and the fighters until Wendy got her wand and shouted, "PHANTORIUM REPELLO!" and suddenly the phantoms burst away. Bendrist's Fighters made a pure escape and climbed a metal ladder, they found another airvent after some long hours. Sooner or Later they were in a small room with a ball of light in the ceiling. "What's this?" asked Tom as he looked in the sphere. "Look at it for 5 seconds and think of a place, any place," said Tim and he grabbed onto Tom's arm, Donald grabbed onto Tim's, Jack grabbed onto Donald's, Wendy grabbed onto Donald's, Cameron grabbed onto Wendy's and Olivia grabbed onto Cameron's.


Tom closed his eyes and they seemed to fly closer to the ball of light, "It's called sunstaring, it's a method of teleportation!" shouted Tim and they touched the ball of light and came out at another location. "Where are we?" asked Donald and Jack as they looked around. They saw some people come out of the darkness of the marble-walled room. "Where are we?!" yelled Jack and Donald, "The Government of Magic," said one of the men. The men had skeletal helmets and long trench robes. "DUCK!" shouted Tom and a hundred spells barged for them. Bendrist's Fighters drew their wands and fought the Mirumorz's Army members and summoned the sun again and disappeared back to Milkenshland.

Tom had a vivid nightmare in his sleep.

"It's not a Chamber," said Mirumorz quietly as he was in deep thought. "Lord Mirumorz," asked Robert Umegruff, "Yes Robert?" whispered Mirumorz. "It's the Tomb of the Government," said Robert Umegruff in a low voice. "I believe you. Next week I will make another stone, as I have one here," said the dark wizard and he picked up a rubyish stone and chipped bits off it. "I will be immortal," said Mirumorz and he flew in the air and fire spread from his head and hands. "AHHHHHHH!" he screamed and he landed on the floor and looked more uglier and unkinder. Mirumorz placed the stone on a table.

"Will we ally with the Evil Group?" asked Robert carefully. "Yes. I have talked to their leader, Lord Hyes Kankrick and he has agreed to assist in our attack," said Mirumorz. "What if Joshman comes though?" asked a man from behind Robert, "Well Cedric, I will kill him," Mirumorz laughed. The man who asked the question had shoulder length brown hair and a curvy smile on his face. "Quelfree," he said talking to the man, "Will YOU assist me? My spy?" and Quelfree gave a shockish face which Mirumorz didn't notice. Thoughts were obviously going through Quelfree's mind. "Yes, I will assist you, Lord Mirumorz," said Quelfree as he stared into his thoughts unblinkingly.

"Good," whispered Mirumorz so it was more like 'Goooooo-ooooooooooddddd.' "When will it happen Lord Mirumorz?" asked Quelfree who looked at Mirumorz's face finally. "Next Saturday at eleven o'clock PM. 25th of June 2016," said Mirumorz as he brandished the Superior Wand from his pocket. Water was trickling down Quelfree's forehead which was obviously cold sweat. "I sense you are scared of our attack Cedric," Mirumorz said as he finally opened his eyes and looked at Quelfree, "No, of course not. Lord Mirumorz," Quelfree lied. "How is your spying on Bendrist doing?" asked Mirumorz again, "Bendrist has been sacked and our servant Roddle has been given the role of Headmistress," said Quelfree as a large smirk grew on Mirumorz's face, "Gooooo-ooood," he whispered again.

"My Lord Mirumorz?" whispered Robert from behind Quelfree. "Don't interrupt people Robert Umegruff! MOORDMURHA!" yelled Mirumorz and Robert fell dead on the ground. Rebecca fell to her knees and cried, "Silencio," said Quelfree and a dome went around Rebecca to make her be quiet. "Our attack on the Government of Magic will happen next Saturday Cedric, and if you do not turn up, consequences will be in order," warned Mirumorz, he stood up but Quelfree stood up and said something. "My Lord Mirumorz?" Quelfree asked, and Mirumorz turned his head slowly. "You dare speak Umegruff's last words Quelfree, Crixicori," said Mirumorz faintly and Quelfree got chucked in the air and tortured.

Tom woke up in a flash. He forgot that Bendrist had been chucked out. Who would he tell? Who could help him defeat Mirumorz? What is the Evil Group? "WAKE UP!" Tom loudly whispered to Tom and Donald. Jack and Olivia and Wendy soon came out of their bedrooms. They ran down the stairs and into the Hang-Out Room. "I know someone who I can tell," said Cameron and he walked to the sofa and looked under it. "Hello," came a voice from below the sofa, Cameron pushed the sofa away and a man in a long, white beard and purple robes came out of a large square hole beneath the sofa. "Mr Bendrist?!" asked Tom in joy, "No, I'm Percival's twin brother, Oliver Bendrist," said the identical to Bendrist. "Do you know anything about -" started Tom but Oliver gave a nod, "My brother told me about his fighters and I joined. I'm ready to 'KILL' that Roddle!" explained Bendrist's twin.


So they tip-toed through the corridors with the invisibility potion to the headmistress's office and the fighters broke in, the potion wore off. "Miss Roddle!" shouted Tim as the headmistress was smiling evilly. "Yes, Bendrist's Fighters?" asked Roddle with a horrendous smirk on her unkind face. "I want a word with you, it is me again, Percival Bendrist," lied the old headmaster's twin. "No you're not. You're Oliver Wilfred Keaten Bendrist the Third to me," said Roddle with a smug on her face, Oliver grunted and stood back behind the people. Olivia stood out from the crowd, "I HATE YOU PEOPLE!" yelled Olivia and she winked at the fighters, "MISS RODDLE IS THE BEST! I LIKE HER SO MUCH I THINK I SHOULD TELL HER WHERE 'BENDRIST'S TRAP' IS SO THAT SHE DOESN'T FALL INTO IT!" and Olivia winked again, they winked back. "Where is this trap!?" demanded Roddle.

Olivia was walking through the heavy and dark forests while the fighters were waiting at the enterance. "This way," said Olivia as she pushed twigs and branches out of the way. Roddle was behind her with her wand out. "If this is a false statement. You will be punished!" said Roddle horribly, "Shut your mouth Roddle!" said Olivia and she lead Roddle to some rope in a circle on the floor. "This is a trap?" Roddle laughed as she looked at the rope, she looked back at Olivia and took a step backwards but accidently!!!

Roddle flipped upside-down and dangled from a tree, many spells cast at her making mops splat in her face and water guns splirt all over her. When Roddle fell down from the tree she was soaking wet. "YOU!" shouted Roddle and she chased Olivia throughout the jungle. Susan was so angry as she drew her diamond-covered wand, she made trees fall down, mud spray over Olivia and the younger student was running through the jungle until Roddle bashed into a tree. Olivia looked at her and gasped, Roddle had blood over her hair and her eyes were rolled upwards. Her pink dress was frozen still and blood was over her whole body. Roddle's wand was lying on the ground far away and Olivia took it since her own one had snapped during the chase.

As Olivia strolled out the forest she saw the rest of Bendrist's Fighters standing. "Where's the idiot?!" yelled Oliver brandishing his wand. "Dead," whispered Olivia and as if everyone heard her. The windows burst open of the school and students and teachers were cheering and partying. "MILKENSHLAND IS NICE AGAIN!" cheered Mrs Anderson from the grounds and the students ran outside to have a party.

Students were doing the conga, balloons were launched into the air, dancing and singing was taking place by the choir but the most happiest thing was the evil teacher's death.

"What about next Saturday?" asked Tim in Tom's ear. "We fight," whispered Tom.

The party lasted for hours until a student came striding out of the door and looked at the students and walked back in again. Bendrist's fighters followed the mysterious boy until he reached a classroom. "Mr Quelfree, remember next Saturday, the attack on the Government," said the boy. "I know," said Quelfree and the boy turned around and saw the fighters. "Hello Mr Joshman," said the boy as he got his wand out of his pocket. "Who are you?" asked Tom, "Mirumorz," said the boy and he instantly teleported.


Next Friday night Tom was in the Team 5 Hang Out Room choosing 4 people to come with him for the fight. "Ok. Donald, Jack, Tim and Olivia," chosen Tom so the five people got on some flying carpets and marched outside. Sunset was coming and they got on the red flying carpets in the courtyard. "3. 2," said Tom, "1!" he shouted and the flying carpets sprung to life and started flying in the sky. They passed angry phantoms and soon they got a beautiful view of Milkenshland. They flew through white clouds. "TOM! WHERE ARE WE GOING!" shouted Tim from another flying carpet, "THE GOVERNMENT OF MAGIC!" yelled Tom. They finally landed in a small and muddy alleyway in London. "Here we are," said Olivia and Bendrist's fighters walked through the door.

The corridor had marble walls and a pretty, polished wooden floor. The ceiling had floating candles and their was flights of stairs at the end of the long corridor. The group of wizards and passed courtrooms and offices until they found an office door which said.

'Susan Roddle, American Government Controller, Office 666,' and they stared at the office number for long. "What?!" Tim said, "666 is the Devil's number," said Tom but Tim done a confused face. When the fighters entered the office it was decorated with pink, it had posters of 'PRAISE WIZARDS! HUMANS AREN'T COOL!' and 'Pure Wizardry is my favorite colour Pink, but all I can say about Humans is that they STINK' reading on them. Olivia found a wall and she closed her eyes again. The weird wall opened to reveal a white room with no temperature nor anything. You didn't feel thirsty or hungry, or full. "Help me!" said a woman from below. "EMERALD REDRUBY!" bellowed Tim and Tom and they chunked themselves into Redruby's arms and helped everyone else. "Where was that?" asked Olivia as they were walking down the corridor. "The Tomb of the Government, Roddle made it," said Redruby and people heard her saying swear words about Roddle under her breath. "What have they done to you?" asked Tom as he looked at Emerald's cuts and scabs.

"They tortured us until we got killed," said Redruby. "HANG ON!" yelled Emerald and they followed her back into the Tomb. "Izzo," Redruby said and a small light ignited from her wand, the tomb became dark and scary. Spiders drotted from the ceiling while snakes curled up the fighter's legs. "Olivia thankfully KILLED Roddle you know," said Tom and Emerald started clapping and smiling and patting Olivia on the back until they found another light source from the other end of a stone corridor. "Who's there?" asked Redruby and some phantoms glided from the darkness. "PHANTORIUM REPELLO!" bellowed Tim and they flew off. The fighter's and Redruby ran further until they found hundreds of phantoms surrounding them. "AHHHHH!!" shouted the fighters and they pointed their wands but instead some other people repelled them. "Nice idea to drop in!" said a girl's voice and she grabbed Olivia. "AHHH!!!" shouted Olivia.

"Who are you?" the horrible female voice asked. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!" cried Olivia. "Hehe, I am Georgia Dagricle and I am going to fight," she said and she lead a hooded man into the scene. "Hello, Thomas Joshman," the man whispered. "Mirumorz," said Tom and the fighter's got their wands. Mirumorz and Tom started circling each other while Georgia grunted. "I will kill you Joshman," Mirumorz said faintly but Tom felt fearless. "Never," he said and the Mirumorz's Army members looked evil while the Bendrist's Fighters members smiled. "MOORDMURHA!" shouted Mirumorz, "INCARNACUM!" yelled Tom. Suddenly the Evil Group members clasped around Mirumorz's side and helped him. The Moordmurha spell was enclosing on Tom, the Incarnacum spell wasn't there much longer. Moordmurha had nearly all of it.



Tom was walking through Milkenshland. "What's going on?" asked Tom to himself and he saw adults walking down stairs with dead bodies and a bunch of girls covering their eyes and mourning. Tom saw a boy about his age at the top of the stairs. "You should be in STOW class Mister," said a man who was bald and had black robes and a tie. "Yes. Headmaster Bevolson," said the strange boy and he walked out of the hall with the stone stairs. Thomas, even though he was invisible to them, tip-toed while he followed the boy until they were far underground. "Good afternoon," the boy said passing a wizard in a top hat and bowtie. "That's Good afternoon 'MISTER FABELL' to you," said the teacher. Finally the strange male reached a cupboard in the dungeons. Tom felt an urge to talk so he said, "Who are you?" to the boy but he didn't answer.

SMASH! He slammed the door open. "Hello, Zacharias," said the boy as he slammed the door open. Tom saw the boy in the room hide something golden from the other strange boy. "Yes? Sam?" asked the boy in the room. "What did you hide?!" said the other boy as he grabbed his wand. "Not telling you, Samuel Petrellico!" yelled Zacharias. "Mirumorz!" whispered Tom while gasping quietly. "- important artefact then I WILL actually kill you," threatened Petrellico, "So show me!" he yelled. Zacharias slowly got a golden ring from his pocket and placed it carefully in Petrellico's palm.

"The Bracelet of Future," said Mirumorz, but Zacharias seemed to have a letter with it which Mirumorz threw away. Tom crouched and read it:

December 23, 1340

The Bracelet of Future holds secrets from far time, Eleven to Thousan' years according to this rhyme, A hundred vile differences could of happened in the past, But soon into the future, the time goes fast.

You cannot see the past of years of years, Not even when a death occurs, Only what the future holds, Is available and seeable in the ring that bolds.

Courage and wit and many good things, Are no match for this unfaithful ring, If you are kind do not look at it, 'Cause immortality may be worser than wit.

A hundred do's and a thousand don'ts, Which shall you pick from sun to snows, The pirate's chest bears gold, But nothing is worser than this ring that bolds.

Ikocky Leitorn. 1338 - 1485.

Tom looked up, "Don't lie Zacharias," said Petrellico again. "But Sam! I'M NOT DARK!" yelled Zacharias, "Don't - Lie, MOORDMURHA!" bellowed Mirumorz and Zacharias fell dead on the dungeon floor.


Tom gasped and woke up. The Evil Group and Mirumorz's Army were duelling Bendrist's Fighters. Tom looked at the ceiling of the tunnel and got up. Tim and Olivia were locked in a suggestion filter with a Mirumorz's Army member while Donald and Jack were duelling another. "Buenes, kill the two children!" yelled Mirumorz talking about Tim and Olivia while he walked through the corridor to Tom who was lying scabbed and bloody on the floor. "Thomas Joshman. You have defeated me twice before. Time to die," he whispered in his evil way and he shot a killing spell at Tom. Tom jumped up and dodged it. "CRIXICORI!" yelled Mirumorz and a jet of violet light splatted at the wall, "INCARNACUM!" yelled Tom and Mirumorz jumped up in the air and dodged it.

"EXPLODICUS!" shouted Mirumorz and a large explosion happened, Tom dodged it. Mirumorz cast many curses at Tom and he dodged them. "Exeloro," said Tom and a ball of red light shot at Mirumorz. The Bendrist's Fighters, Mirumorz's Army and Evil Group members stopped fighting and looked at the duel. "Mevobis Defendere," said Mirumorz, "Rictumzazzle!" bellowed Thomas. Mirumorz shot a curse as Tom shot a spell and the two spells collided, the Suggestion Filter didn't happen but they just mixed their colours and fire was splashing from the part where the spells collided. Tom felt pain in his body and he started bleeding randomly while Mirumorz was full of anger and his eyes were red. The spells were mixed into a sort of green and the part where they fixed was growing into a ball of fire.

Tom fell to his knees as Mirumorz still stood up, the two wands started cracking and Tom's wand split in half. CRACK! The green light burst at Tom but he dodged it. Thomas' wand exploded into ashes and a man in a purple robe with a long, white beard fell down the tunnel and landed covered in soot in the corridor.

The man opened his mouth, "Hello, Samuel," and Mirumorz looked at him. "Bendrist," whispered Mirumorz happily, "Moordmurha!" but Bendrist grabbed his own wand and shot another spell, "Exeloro!" The two spells once again collided into one and they mixed into the green colour. "You won't win - ever - Samuel," said Bendrist as his side of the green light was bursting out his mattony hair wand, "Percival Elliot Wilfred Bendrist," whispered Mirumorz as the spells still collided. "Yes," asked Bendrist, "Come to die," replied Mirumorz. A large fireball came in the middle of the two collided spells and chucked sparks and flames everywhere. Nails that kept the tunnel up were falling out and cracking while Bendrist and Mirumorz's spells were bursting ears and making the two bleed. Tom was with his friends and the enemies as the two men fought.

Multiple pops and various bangs sounded the corridor as the spells still collided. The spells were so strong now that Bendrist's hat flew off but no-one cared. Mirumorz's side of the spell grew red while Bendrist's grew more greener. The wind from the spells was growing through the tunnel but the spells still collided. Bendrist was holding both hands on his now worn-out wand while Mirumorz was frustrated and tried with all strength. The red side of the spell grew closer as Bendrist's side was going less. "I will kill you Bendrist," said Mirumorz but Bendrist tried harder to get his side to Mirumorz, "No," bellowed Mirumorz as the red side was going closer to him. Mirumorz's spell was nearly at Bendrist's chest until some people saw Bendrist disappear as the spell hit him. "YOU KILLED HIM!" yelled Harold Emeralson. "Yes!" happily shouted Mirumorz. The Government of Magic Employees got their wands out as S.W.A. members were carrying large swords. "Handcuffius," said one of them and some metal chains clasped around Mirumorz's hands and they tied him to the wall. Mirumorz hung there with chains blocking his mouth and handcuffs hanging him from his wrists on the wall.

"What are you doing here?" asked Emeralson.


Back at Milkenshland Bendrist's Fighters were sitting on the sofas reading the Wizard Daily.


Thomas Joshman is found innocent about the captures. The Government of Magic's Phantoms who protect Alakazap Prison have been found guilty as the culprits so they have been permanently removed from employment in the Government. Lord Mirumorz was the one who controlled the phantoms and has been imprisoned in a secret tunnel in the Government building for 5 decades. Susan Roddle was found a servant of Mirumorz and has accidently but happily been killed by Olivia Pardelfoff in the forests of Milkenshland. Percival Bendrist has been restored as the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland headmaster while Brita Jenkins and Emerald Redruby have been freed by the kids in the Tomb of the Government of Magic which Roddle made. Susan Roddle's dead body has been placed in an Alakazap cell.

"Looks good that things are back to normal," said Tim as he grinned at the newspaper. "Time for the team points," said Olivia as they rushed to the Magic Hall.

"I'm sure we are happy that I am back," said Bendrist as the students cheered (except from the Team 10's). "Now the Team points are:

Team 4 with 102 points Team 8 with 133 points Team 9 with 156 points Team 2 with 189 points Team 1 with 210 points Team 7 with 219 points Team 6 with 245 points Team 3 with 299 points Team 10 with 340 points Team 5 with 1000 points"

The Team 5's gasped, "340, 1000!" glady said Tim and he was feeling just about to faint. After the lovely feast they walked out of the large oak doors and saw the red-striped plane sitting on the airport ground. The students marched inside and waved out the window to Bendrist and the teachers.

In the plane they sat in the comfy booths. "You promise you'll write?" asked Tom to both of them. "Sure," they said.

"Fasten your belts," said Pilot Monroe and he started the plane. Tom looked at the newspaper again and he saw Bendrist wink in it.

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