The following sixth book was written by Michael Allen


"Sit down please," said the man with a black cloak, and a long black hood.

"Yes, Lord Mirumorz,"

Mirumorz put his hood down, his skin was pure white, and he had red gleaming eyes.

"Quelfree, you killed Bendrist," Mirumorz laughed,

The man with shoulder-length brown hair didn't answer,

"Umegruff was MEANT to do it though!" the dark wizard yelled at a boy with blonde hair.

"I'm sorry," Oswald mumbled scaredly, "I tried,"

Georgia laughed evilly, "No you didn't! You were being a fool, you-"

"We get the point, Dagricle!" Hyes Kankrick said, his eyes even baggier than before.

"This is not an argument, this is a meeting," Mirumorz said quietly, but it seemed as if everyone heard him, because all of Mirumorz's Army and the Evil Group kept silent.


"Yes, Lord Mirumorz,"

"Thomas Joshman?"

"He has left Milkenshland, with his foul little friends," Quelfree said seriously.

"Can I talk? I have news," someone in the back whispered,

"Yes you can Carlos," Mirumorz clearly stated.

"Josh-guy, Wool-thingy and the weird girl they travel with, are trying to destroy your Immortality stones,"

Several Evil Group and Mirumorz's Army members gasped.

"Umegruff, why does your stinky family exist?" Mirumorz laughed,

Everyone at the humungously long table howled with laughter, while Rebecca and Oswald blushed.

Lord Hyes Kankrick of the Evil Group raised his hand, hoping Mirumorz would ask him what he wanted to say,

"What is it?" Mirumorz asked,

"Joshmor and Paddlefoot might be going to Woolatruck's house,"

"You got the names wrong!" Dagricle exclaimed,

"It is possible they might be going to Woolustuc's house," Mirumorz smiled as he thought of a plan.

Georgia Dagricle grabbed a wand from her pocket,

"Lord Mirumorz, I stole this in the battle,"

"Who on Merlin's planet has a wand like that?!" Jerry Vaddledez (the Evil Group leuitennant) asked while looking at the diamond-covered wand.

"Pardelfoff's wand, it used to belong to Susan Roddle,"

Mirumorz examined the wand in Dagricle's hand, and then looked at Donald McCarl,

"Donald, anything from you?"

"I remember that letter I sent you in 1966, the one about-"

"Moordmurha," Mirumorz yelled,

Donald fell back and died,

The Evil Group and Mirumorz's Army members didn't move, weren't scared and some chuckled.

"Drerudem, tell us the anagram of your name again," Mirumorz said,

"M-m-murd-d-ered," a man stuttered,

"Exactly, so how are you alive?"

Drerudem kept silent,

"Stop! Stop it! He's in the Evil Group! And he's my soilder!" Lord Hyes Kankrick barked,

"Fine then, Hyes," Mirumorz said expressionless, "No-one can live forever but me though, remember,"

Several people nodded,

Mirumorz looked around the room,

"Any last questions?"

Dagricle raised her hand and said, "What about your Immortality Stones?"

Mirumorz burst out laughing, "I am not weak Georgia. Joshman can't do this, I will live,"


"Wake up!" a voice shouted,

Thomas Joshman woke up from his velvet yellow bed,

Timothy Woolustuc was shaking him, "Thank Merlin you're awake! It's the funeral today,"

"Who's funeral?" Tom asked lazily,

Tim was sobbing and quietly said, "Bendrist's,"

"Oh right, yeah,"

Tim left the room and went into the bathroom to get changed into his formal wear,

Tom was left in the bedroom to change.

POP! Just as Tom was about to undress, a short elfish character appeared.

"Does Thomas Joshman need Emtie to help him undress," the figure said, it looked like Tom's old friend Desid, who he was sure was the same species as this new Bongwomp.

Tom was scared incase the Bongwomp was a girl, " thanks,"

"Is Thomas Joshman sure,"


"Does Thomas Joshman need help getting his clothes from the drawer?"

"No," Tom said through clenched teeth, he was getting angry,

"Does Thomas Joshman want a bowtie or a tie?"

"Excuse me - I mean - no offence but - leave!" Tom said angrily,

Emtie popped away while Tom got dressed.

He chose a long, red tie, and a black suit.

Knock knock, "Are you done?" Tim said from behind the door,

"Yeah," Tom replied, he opened the door, Tim had a long, purple cape, a purple tie, and a white suit.

"Nice," Tim said, astonished,

"You too. Where's Olivia?"

"She'll be here soon, let's go for breakfast," Tim said.

The two best friends sprinted downstairs were Abigail, Tim's mother, stood.

"I'm so sorry Thomas, about Percival," she cried, Hebert was behind her, choking on tears a bit,

A picture on the wall mumbled, "Who's Percival? Do you mean Herbert's great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Percival Woolustuc, or the President of Magic, Percival Clock,"

"None," Tim said to the portrait, "We meen Percival Bendrist,"

"Who?" the picture asked.

"Why are you leaving Milkenshland Tom? Are you doing something?" Abigail asked nosily,

"Yes, we're trying to find Mirumorz's Immortality Stones, so we can defeat him," Tom said,

"We're? Who else is coming?"

"Tim and Olivia," Tom answered.

Tim's brother Jim Woolustuc rose from his seat,

"The funeral's this afternoon, I hope your ready Tom. There's gonna be alot of people,"


POP! Olivia had teleported inside of the Woolustuc's house.

"I'm so sorry Tom!" she sadly said,

It was 1:00 in the afternoon, Abigail had instructed Tim, Tom, Jim and Herbert to set the funeral up.

After an hour passed, the Woolustuc family (plus Tom and Olivia) were sitting in seperate seats, which all circled a white, marble coffin embroided with jewels of unknown types.

Tim was sobbing,

Abigail was crying into a pink hankercheif,

Herbert was still choking on tears,

Olivia was crying with Tom too. After about half an hour a person teleported into the huge isle in the middle of the seats, which led right up the stand which the coffin was on.

It was the preist, he was wearing humungously long, lilac robes and a golden crown which bore jewels and gemstones.

After about 10 minutes more a group of 3 people materialized in the garden too,

It was Harold ForHenry, John Elfratte and the small hobbit named Yeh.

ForHenry, who was Tom's uncle he discovered last year, sat right next to Tom and sobbed a little into a torn and scruffy tissue,

"I'm sorry Thomas, I mean Tom, I never wanted this to happen," Harold cried, "It wasn't your fault at all,"

ForHenry grinned and squeezed his arm around him.

Yeh sat 3 seats away from Olivia, and Elfratte sat right next to ForHenry.

POP! Whiskers and her owner appeared, the orange cat, who was actually a humanoid disguised as a cat, strode into the back seats, were they stared at the coffin.

Donald McCallister and his parents teleported and sat near Tim.

Donald was sweating a bit,

Wendy Willson and Jack Hemdoy came on flying carpet, and didn't talk to anyone.

Then the Milkenshland teachers started coming,

Bob Kompson, Emerald Redruby, Intor Arglenzt, Miss Corklaje, Mrs Anderson, and Ernie Darlsday.

President Harold Emeralson appeared with a puff of white smoke with two Magnuses on his side,

Some of the Wizard Town and Milkenshtown shop owners appeared too, Jahga the Wandmaker, Harry (the owner of a quill and parchment shop), several guards from Afretacala Bank,

Tom's old Human Studies teacher Patrick Nortons appeared with a small child.

After a couple more people materialized or flew to the Woolustuc's house the seats were full, everyone was staring at the preist who took off his crown and laid it on the coffin.

"Today, is a sad day. We remember Percival Elliot Wilfred Bendrist, born October 8th 1818, passed away on May 10th 2016. This fellow man did not die in vain. Mr. Bendrist was the Loyal Headmaster of the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland. And he says these words, His favorite students, Thomas Reginald Joshman, Timothy Herbert Woolustuc, and Olivia Pardelfoff. His brothers and sisters, Oliver Wilfred Keatan Bendrist, Jane Dayal Bendrist, Robert Quimphy Bendrist, and Seamus Fogmore Bendrist. And his friends, Everett Craggs, Terry Warden, Patrick Nortons, Bob Kompson,"

Tom couldn't see anyone in the entire funeral who wasn't crying, even him himself were crying.

"And now, we wait, Percival Bendrist might choose to come back as a ghost, and meet you all again, or stay in Dreamland with his friends who have also passed away. Amen,"

The funeral wasn't finished.

Men carried the marble tomb into a hole dug in the ground, and carved the words 'Percival Elliot Wilfred Bendrist, OCT 8 1818 - MAY 10 2016' into a gravestone.

Kompson walked over to Tom after the funeral, "Why are you leaving Milkenshland, Tom?"

Tom glared at him, "Milkenshland is no longer Milkenshland without a Bendrist. Basically, Milkenshland subtract Bendrist equals, Equals what, nothing, Milkenshland is no more,"

Harold ForHenry patted his shoulder behind him,

"I understand you Tom. What about a bit of dinner, and then we'll flee to Applescoff Road, so you can meet the rest of Cagim."


After the supper, Harold, John, Tom, Tim, Yeh and Olivia marched out of the Woolustuc's house with some flying carpets.

"On the back, human child!" Yeh demanded to Olivia,

John smiled at Tim, "We're going to Applescoff Road, hop on,"

Harold pushed Tom onto the back of the flying carpet and winked at him, it was comfy, red and soft.

They were hovering above the clouds as they dodged Human aeroplanes and birds.

"Watch out, we're getting colder!" Elfratte shouted from Tom's left,

It was infact, getting colder, Tom's black jacket he wore for the funeral felt like ice whenever he touched it.

They soared through clouds and away from the sun, it soon reached sunset, when it looked beautiful.

There were specks of yellow below, which Tom was sure were streetlights and car headlights, maybe two or three humans were looking up, spotting 3 mysterious moving rectangles in the sky.

"THE BOY!" a voice shouted from behind, Tom, Tim and Olivia were scared stiff and jerked around. ForHenry, Elfratte and Yeh did too.

A dozen uncountable brooms were racing after the carpets, so many that Tom only saw a huge cyclinder of black.

"AVALIUM!" one of the men on the brooms yelled, Yeh the Hobbit was bashed off of his flying carpet and fell miles and miles,

"No!" Olivia shouted, she was now out of control on her flying carpet and soared down below in Yeh's direction.

ForHenry looked back at the Mirumorz's Army members and drew his wand, "Moordmurha!"

The spell didn't kill the person in the front, but took of the mask, it was Georgia Dagricle,

Georgia was outraged, "You dare! Lord Mirumorz wants the boy-"


Georgia was flung off her broom and fell to the worlds below. Tom started to wonder what the humans thought, rectangles and a line of black in the sky, random raining dead bodies.

Elfratte flung his wand in the air and said, "BACKUP CIGAM, BACKUP CIGAM!"

Cirles made of blue flew out of his wand and went in all directions. Soon many more flying carpets carrying 3 people this time appeared.

Too many spells were shooting.

"Specialo!" an Evil Group member shouted, Yeh the Hobbit quickly splashed out and disintergrated, as Olivia was flying to the ground.

"OLIVIA!" Tim bellowed sadly, "Summonus Olivia!"

Olivia didn't come.


Harold ForHenry looked behind. The Mirumorz's Army and Evil Group members were now split up, the Cigam Council were surrounded.

"Incarnacum," Tom said, as he pointed his wand at Drerudem, who guarded his path,

Drerudem looked as if he was going to vomit, then he instantly smashed like glass, and Drerudem was no more.

Elfratte and ForHenry's carpets were now going downwards, he could see no pecks of headlights and streetlight anymore. Just no light at all.


"Here we are," Elfratte said, they were standing infront of a two story, victorian-looking house,

"It actually has 5 stories. On the inside," ForHenry said seriously.

"Anything wrong with it?" Scaredly asked Tim.

"Nothing but the Bongwomps, spirits, portraits, and some other things," ForHenry smiled.

Tom rang the doorbell,


The thing making the noise opened the door. It was a Bongwomp, he was dressed in one single slipper which sole had come off,

It had beady black eyes which Tom didn't know were squinting or small,

And the Bongwomp looked wrinkly, old and slimy.

"Harold ForHenry has come back to Fog's home," the Bongwomp welcomed,

"Yes I have, with my friends," ForHenry said.

"Ahem, Harold ForHenry, John Elfratte and two mischevious filth balls have came back to Fog's home," he repeated but with more names.

"Our names are Tim and Tom!" Tom loudly said, nearly shouting.

"May Harold ForHenry, John Elfratte and the two mischevious filth balls come to the dining room?" Fog asked,

"Yes please," Elfratte sighed.

The dining room was at the end of the long corridor, in the dining room it had a large, polished table.

Many and many of people, who Tom guessed were in the Cigam Council, were sitting down, unnoticing them.

"If Harold ForHenry, John Elfratte and the two mischevious filth balls sit down," Fog offered, "And Fog will make dinner,"

Thats when the members saw Tom and Tim.

"'Ello Thomas Joshm'n, Tim'thy W'lustuc. Ya' can call me Terminus Nath'ns," said a short man with a silver tooth.

"Erm...Hi," they said awkwardly,

"Don't talk to him you two!" a woman said strictly, "He's an idiot!"

"Just tell Terminus to shut his gob," Igor Temple laughed,

"Hey! Why's ev'ryone bein' so offensive?"

ForHenry howled with laughter, "Because you're the most immature, worm-brained idiot in the world!"

"Stop it! Ima' pers'n too!"

"Callin' us not people are you eh?" Elfratte snickered,

Nathans fumed with anger, "You're all pickers!"

"Calling us offensive?" Igor Temple smirked,

"'Ny more words an' I'll slice ya' head off!" he threatened,

"As if Nathans," ForHenry said, patting Tom's shoulder,

Tom was confused, "Why do you keep bullying him?"

Elfratte smiled, "Because Tom, he's just a dirty, scruffy, rotten apple,"


"Fine. Utarix-brain," Harold smiled wickedly.

Fog came back, holding dishes of food. "Fog has made food for the filthy scum on this table, which he never wanted to serve in his life,"

"Thank you," they said, ignoring Fog.

Tom had jam sandwicheS which constantly refilled themselves, while Tom had a lobster which was apparently alive.

"The Fishfields are coming soon," Igor said in the middle of lunch,

"Fishfields? Eddie and Freddie Fishfield?" Tom asked, hoping that was the answer.

Eddie and Freddie Fishfield were the most popular kids in Milkenshland.

"Eddie and Freddie?" Elfratte asked, "Their names are Edward and Fred Fishfield,"

"Yeah well, whatever," Tim said.

"Do the filthy scum on this table want any dessert?" Fog asked, arriving minutes after they finished lunch,

"No thank you, Fog," ForHenry said gladly, "It is nearly bedtime anyway. Better all get to bed,"


"What is this place again?" Tim asked as they were lying in bed,

"14 Applescoff Road," Tom said,

"I wonder when Olivia's gettin' here?" "Probably tomorrow," Tom replied.

"How are we gonna find the Immortality Stones?" Tim said,

"I dunno. But we'll have to find them. My bravery, your courage and Olivia's intellagance,"


The night passed quickly, and before Tom knew it, the photo on his bedside table started screaming "WAKE UP! YOU FILTH BALL OF FILTH! YOU SLIMY-BRAINED IDIOT! WAKE UP AND BRUSH YOUR HAIR AND DON'T BE SUCH A SCRUFFY SCUM!"

This was meant to be Tom's alarm clock.

They both went down into the kitchen,

"I'm still sad about Bendrist," Tim admitted as they walked down the steep, crooked stairs,

"You always will be," Tom said.

Infront of the kitchen door, Fog stood staring at them wearily,

"Do the mischevious filth balls require Fog's assistance to-"

"What's wrong with your eyes?" Tom asked,

"Fog will not sleep until someone tells him to,"

"You don't have to be THAT servantish!" Tim said sympathetically,

"I am a slave though. If I do tasks which aren't by my master, I will be breaking rules," Fog said.

ForHenry walked in the corridor and smiled,

"Every night, I give you permission to sleep, Fog,"

"At what time? Harold ForHenry?"

"Ten o'clock," Harold said, "Anyway, Tom and Tim, Olivia's-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Tom and Tim had sprinted into the living room.

Olivia was sitting there on the moth-eaten sofa.

"Hiya," she said, "What about the Immortality Stones?"

Tim smiled, "We gotta find them,"

"We don't know where they are though," Tom sadly said.

"The Government might know something about the Immortality Stones. We should ask them," Olivia suggested,

That moment Elfratte shouted something down the hall, "TOM! TIM! OLIVIA! MAIL'S HERE!"

A frog jumped into the living room.

"AHHHHH!!!!!" Tim yelled, Tim was scared of frogs.

The green frog carried a newspaper and a letter in it's mouth.

Olivia read the letter with the two boys, it said:

The Wizard Daily and the Government of Magic have been infultrated by Mirumorz. Emeralson has been sacked and now Mirumorz himself is President of Magic. Stop thinking of Mirumorz in a tie sitting behind a desk, cause he isn't. He's still killing, and he's out there looking for you.

Oliver L. Bendrist'

Tom smiled merely, "We're going to find these Immortality Stones, and the Secrets of Wizardry,"

"Two things to find!? You mad?!" Tim said,



"No way! Not at all!" A voice came from upstairs,

"Who in Merlin's name wouldn't agree? You've got to fight me, Lance," the other voice said,

Both voices were deep and vicious, full of outrage.

"I have no desire to do a battle with you!" Lance yelled,

"You are a wimp, weak, p-"

"No swears in my territory!" Lance said, "George,"

"YOUR territory? This bedroom was my bedroom 1300 years ago!" George viciously argued,

"My bedroom 200 years ago!"

"So it's mine more, I had it more than you!"

Tom had no idea who these people were, so he crept up the stairs and looked through the keyhole.

Two transparent ghosts were arguing,

"No-one cares!" Lance shouted,

"About your life," George finished alternatively,

"Exactly! About YOUR life,"

Tom snickered,

"We don't have lives! We have deaths!"

"About your death then,"

Tom exited away from the room the ghosts were arguing in, and entered the kitchen.

"Mr. Elfratte?"

"Not so sure about the 'Mr' Tom," he winked,

"Well, erm...John," Tom said, uncomftorably, "When are me, Tim and Olivia free to go?"

"Anytime," he said.

Later, he went and talked to Olivia and Tim again in the living room,

"How'll we get to the Government, if Mirumorz's now the President?" Tom asked,

"Erm...Disguise Spell?" Olivia suggested, "No...those wear off in like, a second,"

Tim thought of an idea, "Bearroni Santu!"

"WHAT?" Tom asked,

Olivia looked as if she knew everything, "Bearroni Santu, also known as the Disguising Potion, allows the user to disguise into a different person,"

Tom smiled, "Cool!"

Olivia spent the rest of the day brewing the Bearroni Santu, continuesly promising they would infultrate the Government the next day.

"What if the potion wears off?" Tim asked,

"Then we run," Olivia said,

"Don't be such a- Aren't we gonna fight?" said Tim avoiding offending Olivia,

"No, it'll give it away, and we'll die!"


"You are serious?" Tim asked, but he was no longer Tim, but a wizard with a blonde beard and beady blue eyes. Tim now had a deep voice.

"Yes, I am," said a squeaky whisper, Olivia was a woman who was incredibly skinny, and had her silvery hair tied back in a bun,

"Now this is cool!" Tom said. He looked like Cedric Quelfree exactly.

"Ok! When talking to me, call me Medusa Belrone. When talking to Tim, call him Jay Timper, and yeah, Quelfree," Olivia explained,

"Fine," Tim and Tom said.

Tom put his hand flat in the air, "We're doing this together,"

Tim put his hand on Tom's "Yeah,"

Olivia put her hand on Tim's "Always,"

They teleported.

POP! They were in a dark alleyway in London,

"Quelfree, I hope you enjoy your first days in the Government of Magic," Belrone/Olivia said,

"Thank you, Belrone," Quelfree/Tom replied, "But I can navigate your corridors alone,"

Quelfree walked off into the building.

"Morning, Cedric," a wizard said,

"Morning," Tom said,

"Bad day today ain't it?" he said again,

Tom looked as if he was actually Quelfree, "Yes, I wasn't expecting wind, the Wizard Daily clearly stated it was sunshine all over Britain,"

"Did you hear what happened to Leia Cluster on Floor 3?"

Tom didn't know what to say, so he lied, "Yes,"

"Anyway, should be going. Got work to do," the wizard finally said before he marched off.

Tom passed offices and offices, glancing through the door windows, where the employees stamped papers and wrote reports.

He passed a poster too, horrified at the site of it.




Wanted posters of Tim and Olivia were in the Government too.

Tom soon met Tim in the corridors again, where a man with long black hair and a ponytail talked to him,

"If you lay a finger on my Armando again. Merlin agrees you'll be afraid. TIMPER," the wizard said, he had such emphasis in Timper that he was threatening Tim,

"Armando who?" Tim asked scaredly, "You know who! Armando Fropple," Tom remembered in his second Milkenshland year when Oswald Umegruff teamed up with someone named Armando Fropple.

"Yes, Mr. Fropple," Tim said, petrified,

Tom kept walking through the corridors, he reached the marble stairs. Tom was surprised he met Herbert Woolustuc in the Government, but Herbert didn't talk to him, possibly because Quelfree killed Bendrist.

"You should of heard Bendrist's scream once I cast that Moordmurha spell right in his face," Tom said, hiding his sadness,

Herbert scowled at him,

"Don't do that to me again! Mr-I mean, Woolyball!" Tom angrily said,

"Why not, Quellyfree?!" Herbert hissed,

"Because I'll call my, erm, backup people!"

"You're a newbie to the Government anyway, you fat-headed slop!" Herbert yelled angrily,

"And you're an oldie, twit!" Tom said.

When Tom had reached his destination floor he loathed being Quelfree now, NEEDING to argue with Tim's dad, HAVING to hurt people's feelings, it felt like torture.

"Quelfree, get out the Merlin's-underpants way!"

"Don't be like that to me, Theodore!"

"Stop being such a buttcrack!" the wizard said storming off.

Tom also hated BEING hated himself, being called horrible named which he had never heard.

Quelfree/Tom met Susan Roddle on one floor,

"Susan, I thought that Pardelfoff killed you?" Tom asked,

Susan turned around, "I wasn't killed," she said quickly and nervously, but keeping her expression the same, "Just an allusion spell, I quickly teleported back to the Government,"

"Good you're alive," Tom lied,

"Thank you Cedric," Susan said, she kissed Tom on the cheek.

Tom walked away, SO embarrased he had just been kissed by his most hated witch of all time.


He was walking on the stairs again where he met Jay Timper, or Timothy Woolustuc in disguise. He was soaking wet from toe to hair.

Tim was muttering under his breath, "Pesky Ligobites, always explode water all over-Oh Hi Tom!"

"Good afternoon, Jay," Quelfree said, "How are you? And what do you mean? Tom?"

"I'm fine, wait. Are you Cedric Quelfree?"

"Yes. Is it you, Woolustuc?" Quelfree asked,

"Oh, Frog-droppings," Tim cursed and he ran away.


Tim was grabbing alot of attention, soon a bunch of guards carrying wands were sprinting down the corridor,

The other Quelfree sprinted into Tim, "C'mon! LETS GET OLIVIA!" he yelled.

In the courtrooms it was completely silent,

"So, you're the one who has this Immortality Stone?" Medusa Belrone demanded,

"Yes," a woman said, she was the old receptionist of Milkenshland, Jenny Harper,

"And you DIDN'T give it to me, even though I could fine well give it to Lord Mirumorz,"

"No, I didn't give it to you,"

There was a man behind the judge's stand, who told Olivia what to do,

"Give her a punishment, whadd'ya think's suitable?" he said in his dark, low-pitched voice,

"You shall be sent to Alakazap, for a whole decade. Jenny Harper," Olivia said, banging the judge's hammer.

Olivia felt superior being a judge,

A skinny 20-year old was on the other side of Olivia, "Whatcha' gonna do with that Immortality Stone?"

"Give it to Mirumorz," Olivia lied.

BOOM! The door instantly broke down. Tom's Quelfree potion had ran out, and now he was just Tom in Quelfree's tie, waistcoat and cape, "OLIVIA! COME ON!"

"Olivia?" the old man asked, "Olivia Pardelfoff? MOORDMURHA!"

The spell missed Olivia by inches.


Tim flicked his wand and the wizard disintergrated instantly, so did the small 20-year old.

Tom was amused, "NICE ONE TIM!"

They ran through the corridors, the guards were sprinting too, darting spells at them.

"Joshman!" the guard at the front yelled,

They were nearly at the front door.

"STOP THEM!" a Government member shouted,


The spell missed Tim, Olivia and Tom and they pushed through the doors, teleporting right out.



Tom opened his eyes, he was lying in a tent. The tent was humungous inside,

"Did you get the Immortality Stone?" Tim asked, sitting on Olivia's bed,

"Yeah," Olivia moaned, she placed the Stone in Tim's hands and smiled softly at him.

Miles and miles away, at Milkenshland. Students and students were marching through the corridors, into the Magic Hall, where Quelfree stood.

"I am your new Headmaster," Quelfree said expressionlessly,

Teachers threw their faces in their hands, but the new teachers didn't,

"Ms Umegruff and Miss Dagricle are your new teachers. Ms Umegruff is your Human Studies teacher, Miss Dagricle is your Deputy Headmistress and Spells teacher,"

Georgia Dagricle laughed while Rebecca Umegruff smirked.

"If you are in trouble, you will spend a month in the Detention Prison," the new headmaster stated, "If you are in trouble by Ms Umegruff or Miss Dagricle, they choose a punishment! And if I didn't mention. I do not care how old you are, if you are a nine-year-old who just started, you will STILL get this rule!"

A Grade 1 gulped, Quelfree walked over to him and pointed his wand right in the boy's face,

"I heard something," Quelfree scowled,

"N-n-no," the boy said,

"No...Either," the headmaster warned. Leaving the boy shiver of fear.

"Lord Mirumorz is now the President of Magic," Cedric smirked, "If you are expelled, you wouldn't want to be,"

Bendrist's Fighters were staring at Quelfree, as if they were hungry tigers craving for his blood and flesh, "Mr Quelfree?" Donald asked,

"Yes, McCallister?" he hissed,

"I know where Joshman is!" he bravely stated,

"Where?" Cedric demanded,


Dagricle clenched her teeth, "Gone WHERE?!"

Quelfree turned around, staring at Georgia, "Is it a habit that you interrupt sentences or is it just incuded in your percentage of insolence?"

Some of the students snickered,

Umegruff stared at them, her grey eyes hushing them instantly.

Quelfree turned back to the students and pointed his wand in the thin air,

"Don't move," he whispered,

Dagricle and Umegruff, aswell as the students, were quiet,

"Phantorium Repello," Cedric whispered, despite the fact no phantoms were around.


"Phantorium Repello," Olivia said, pointing her wand at the envoirenment, Tim and Tom were sitting on a log, both lost at least an arm or something,

"Quieto Unvoicerus," Olivia said again, "Mevobis Defendere,"

"What the heck are you trying to do anyway Olivia?" Tim grumbled,

"Protective enchantments, we need no Mirumorz's Army or anything to come,"

"Teleportio Banish,"

"Avalium Strikus,"


Tim widened his eyes and yelled, "NO! NO! NO! NOT Moordmurha!"

"Fine then!" Olivia muttered, "Fiddlus Dandroni,"

Tom was astonished, "Where did you learn these spells?"

Olivia smiled and looked at Tom, "Milkenshland,"

After Olivia finished the half-a-dozen enchantments she strolled away,

"Where do you think you're going?" Tom asked,

"Getting mushrooms," Olivia said, not turning back at them,

"For what?" Tom desired, Olivia didn't hear, she just disappeared into the woods.

A frog came hopping through the woods replacing Olivia, Tim nearly jumped back but remembered he had a broken arm.

"GET THAT THING AWAY!!!" he yelled,

"It will in a second, what's this mail?" Tom said as he opened the letter.


I want to know where you are. We need to protect you! REPLY NOW!!!

Your's Sincerely,

Terminus I. Nathans'

Tom chucked the letter on the floor, but the frog who carried it kept licking Tom,

"Urr! Geroff' me!" Tom demanded,

The frog didn't move,


The frog didn't move that time either. He thought Terminus told the frog to keep licking until Tom was done, and the frog would check if Tom was lying in the letter or not where he is.

'I am in the woods' he wrote, surely Terminus didn't know which woods, but before he could give the letter back to the frog, someone teleported right outside where the spells were.

"Peskie' spells! Not lettin' me tel'port in!" the man yelled, he was Terminus Nathans, "Hiya Tom,"

Tom clenched his teeth,

"Gott' pr'tect ya', ord'rs by bad ol' ForHenry!"

"BAD? Ol' ForHenry eh?" Tom grumbled,

"Yeah, he doesn' like me a bit! Elfratt' ain't either!" Nathans angrily said,

Tom stood up and grabbed Nathans by the shirt, pulling him right up nose-to-nose,


"YOU STOP BUGGING ABOUT MY UNCLE AND FRIEND! You really are an immature, worm-brained idiot you slop of dirt!"

Terminus quickly teleported, Harold ForHenry teleported back later,

"Any Immortality Stones?" he asked quietly,

"Yeah, but Olivia's got it," Tim said, "Where is she anyway?"


"Oh, well thats bad," Harold sighed,

"Yeah," Tom mumbled,

"I'll alert the Council of your things," Harry smiled,

"WAIT NO!" Tim yelled, it was too late, Harold had already teleported out of nowhere.

After a couple hours Olivia came back, weilding over a dozen mushrooms in her arms,

"Yuck!" Tim groaned flicking a mushroom out of Olivia's hand,

"Pack it in!" Olivia loudly said,

"Fine then, but I hate mushrooms," Tim said,

"YOU COULD OF TOLD ME THAT BEFORE I WENT AWAY!" Olivia shouted, throwing the mushrooms at Tim, "THERE YOU GO! MR MOANING MERLIN!"

Olivia teleported with a loud pop, and was gone for hours.

Tim burst into tears when she left,

"Back as the old days then, us just alone, no Olivia," Tom said, putting his arm around his best friend's shoulder,

"Y-yeah. Ol-ol-iva!!!"

"I know, I know," Tom said.

Tim was in tears for the rest of the day, "Whadd'ya want for lunch?" Tom asked,

"Spaghetti," Tim cried,

"ARE YOU SERIOUS? We've had spaghetti for the whole month!" Tom laughed,

"Well it tastes-"

"Horrible. It's starting to taste like Dragon poop!" Tom yelled,

"Have you tasted Dragon poop?" Tim smiled weakly,

Tom stared at him and then walked off into the forest, as if spaghetti would just grow on a plant or a tree.

POP! Tim stood up from his seat,

"It is the mischevious filth ball! Where is the other?" The Bongwomp demanded,

"Fog! My name's Tim!"

"Fog cannot hear you!" Fog said covering his ears, "You are mischevious filth ball to me! You pile of scum!"

"Anyway, Tom's looking for spaghetti," Tim said, looking at Fog sternly,

"Master Thomas Joshman is in the forest?"

"What's this about Master?"

"Fog is now the Bongwomp of Master Thomas Joshman, Fog follows every of his commands," Fog declared proudly,

"What about 'Ex-Master' Harold ForHenry?" Tim muttered,

"Ex-Master? Harold ForHenry is not an Ex-Master! He is stupid now, he is filth, he is not the owner of Fog!" Fog shouted, "He is a pile of scum instead! Harold ForHenry is the worst being in the entire Wizarding World!"

"SHUT UP!" Tim shouted so hard his lungs hurt.

"No! You are not Fog's master," Fog hissed,

When Tom came back from the woods, he was carrying spaghetti in his arms, "Oh, hi Fog," Tom said, and he took a step back, staring at Fog.

"What're you doin'ere?" Tom asked, astonished,

Fog bowed so low his nose nearly touched the ground, "Fog is now Thomas Joshman's Bongwomp, Thomas Joshman's servant,"

"OH NO! NO! NO! NOOO! You are not being my servant!" Tom said, "Go free! Go free! I don't want a servant, I'm generous!"

"Master has freed Fog so early, Thomas Joshman needs a reward," Fog said, and out of thin air, he materialised a thin, golden sword,

"What's this?" Tom said, picking the sword in his hand, out of the thin air,

"The Sword of Milkenshland, it can destroy Immortality Stones, I thought you might need it," Fog said, then he clenched his teeth, "After overhearing on Cigam meetings,"

Tom looked at the sword, and pulled the Immortality Stone from Olivia out of his pocket,

"Who does it?" Tim asked,

"Fog," Tom declared, "He gave the sword to us,"

"Fog does not have Thomas Joshman's permission, and Thomas Joshman cannot grant Fog permission because Fog is not Thomas Joshman's servant anymore,"

"JUST DO IT!" Tom yelled,

Fog got hold of the sword, Tom could tell he was ashamed, and Fog ran towards the Immortality Stone,



"Aah!" Mirumorz panted, he had fell onto the floor of the President of Magic's office,

Lord Hyes Kankrick glared down at him, "What is wrong, Lord Mirumorz,"

"G-get the p-potion! Hyes!" he stutteringly hissed,

"Ok," Hyes quickly obeyed, he searched in a cupboard, grabbing a golden-tinted potion vial. He poured the potion into Mirumorz's mouth.

"Immortality Stones - Destroyed," Mirumorz breathed, his neck seemed to be in a kind of knot,

"Ok," Hyes said, he instantly teleported.

"You did it Fog!" Tim and Tom cheered,

"Apologies for calling Thomas Joshman a mischevious ball of filth. I have to go now, mischevious ball of filth and Thomas Joshman," Fog happily said, and he teleported.

"WHAT? Not me! I'm still a ball of filth am I?" Tim angrily asked, "That rotter!"

"Don't forget he did this!" Tom said, putting the sliced in half Immortality Stone into Tim's face,

"Well, yeah, I guess," Tim said, rolling his eyes.


Lord Hyes Kankrick teleported right outside of their defences,

"Nice enchantments, Joshman? Do them all yourself?" Hyes asked politely,

"No, Pardelfoff did,"

"I know I would instantly disintergrate into 1000 monocules if I go past this barrier, did you know that?"

"No," Tom weirdly replied,

Hyes smirked, "No-one knows anything. I hear you destroyed-"

"Yes we did," Tim said, leaning on Tom's shoulder,

Kankrick stared at Tim for a couple minutes and then back to Tom, "See, look then,"

The leader of the Evil Group picked up his own cane, and tried chucking it at Tom, but when it hit the barrier it turned into ashes and billions of peices flew everywhere.

Tom and Tim were astonished, "Wow," two people said behind them.

The best friends turned around, expecting to see some more Mirumorz's Army members, they saw. No. Not them.

The tall person in the black hair walked to Hyes Kankrick, shaking his hand with an enormous hand movement, "Nice to meet you, Freddie Fishfield. One of the most popular students in Milkenshland, cool guy, and cool guy,"

Hyes was confused, "Who in God's world are you two?"

"I already introduced myself," Freddie smiled, it was obviously just all a joke,

"Hi, Eddie and Freddie," Tim said, unexpecting them,

Eddie and Freddie swizzled on the spot, "Yo,"

They turned back to Kankrick, Eddie raised his hand, "Mind if I talk?"

Freddie laughed, "Yes,"

Eddie and Freddie then hi-fived, "So, Hyes Kankrick, while you try killing these two, just remember who your father was,"

Hyes frowned, "Don't talk about that,"

"Why not, Hyewwis Kankwick duh' Sekund?"

"STOP!" he snapped, he was so angry he disappeared with a pop, and so did the twins.


"Wha'was that all about?" Tim said,

"Dunno," Tom replied, the sun was hurrying down so much it was sunset from nighttime in a couple seconds,

"Do you think we should sleep now? Nighttime wouldn't be safe here," Tom said,

"Yeah, 'night," Tim smiled, walking into the tent.

Tom stopped outside for a moment, staring at the trees, and then he wondered inside.


Tom and Tim woke up from beds, but they weren't the velvety, yellow bunk beds in the tent, they were itchy, black, canopy beds.


They were in 14 Applescoff Road, Tom rolled over and stared at his bedside table.

There stood an Immortality Stone.

A hand lay on Tom's forehead, it was soft and gentle,

"Why am I here?" Tom whispered silently,

"Blame Terminus," the voice of John Elfratte said,

Tom rolled over in the bed and stared up at Elfratte, his brown beard, brown hair, brown eyes, brown jacket...

"Mr Elfratte!" Tom happily said,

"Not so sure about the 'Mr', Tom," he smiled.

The door burst open and Terminus Nathans walked in, "Thank me, Thom's Joshm'n, I saved yeh' life,"

"Get away Nathans," Tom sighed,

Elfratte smiled and turned in Nathans' direction, "Get away you-"

"FINE! FINE!" Terminus hesitated, "I'll leave, for now,"

Terminus left the bedroom with a huge slam on the door.

Tim was still asleep, snoring loudly,

"What about that Immortality stone?" Tom asked, pointing directly at the stone on his bedside table,

Elfratte smiled, "You still have the sword, right?"

"No," Tom said,

Elfratte's smile faded instantly and he backed into the shadows, "Well then, I'm sorry Tom, but you'll need another way,"

Tom saw a small, sparkly tear run down Elfratte's face right before he left.

The dinner was pleasent, Abigail and Herbert Woolustuc were there,

"Herbert, are you still in the Government now?" ForHenry asked,

"Yes, Harold, despite the fact that the idiot Mirumorz is now President," Herbert said,

"Can't they just realize he's bad and fire him? I mean, he's been an evil killer who's been in jail twice for like - a billion years,"

Elfratte glared at him, "Thomas, he's infultrated the WHOLE of the Government, no-one can fire him now,"

Herbert opened his mouth again, "Oh, when I was at the Government a couple months ago, I met Quelfree, oh he was so bad. We were on the stairs -"

Tom and Tim smirked at each other,

"I hav' a plan, we'll jump out on th',"

"SHUT UP TERMINUS!" Igor Temple demanded,

"No, no, wait. Lemme' talk! We'll jump out on th' Gover'ment and giv'em such a big su'prise, they'll lose the' infultration charms," Nathans smiled unkindly,

"No! Of course not! Magic isn't like a cart-oh what's that Human thingy again?" Harold asked,

"Cartoon," Tom said,

"Exacly! Magic isn't a caytun!" ForHenry growled, "You immature worm-brained idiot!"

"OI! THAT'S IT! I'M LEAVIN' THE CIGAM!" Terminus barked horribly,

"You can't leave you idiot! You know stuff about the Cigam already!" Elfratte yelled,


"Memorio Wipe!"

Terminus fainted into a deep sleep, as objects gleamed in his eyes.


"You killed Bendrist," Mirumorz whispered,

"Yes, Lord Mirumorz," Quelfree said expressionlessly,

"You killed Regniald," Mirumorz whispered again,

"Yes, Lord Mirumorz," Quelfree repeated,

"You killed - Ebony," Mirumorz said, now twirling around to face Quelfree,

"Y-yes, L-Lord Mirumorz," Quelfree said, trying to hold in all tears.

"Have you realized something?" Mirumorz asked,


"I AM NOT MENTIONED THERE A BIT!" the dark wizard shouted, "Oho! The best killer in the world! Quelfree kills Bendrist instead!?"

Quelfree was calm, even though Mirumorz was trying to be intimidating, "You told Umegruff to kill Bendrist, so we tried making him kill Bendrist, but he was a wimp,"

Mirumorz barely smiled, "I thought you would kill him instead, my faithful servant. Why did I choose Umegruff? Why did I put my pride and hope in him? Why not you?"

"Why, Lord Mirumorz?" Quelfree said quietly,

"Because I never trusted you at all, and you never trusted me. Bye bye, Quelfree," Mirumorz whispered,

Quelfree was silent, he stared at Mirumorz's gleaming red eyes for an awkwardly long time,

"Lord Miru-"


Quelfree's throat had a humungous cut, blood was pouring all over him,

"L-Lord Mirumorz! Ume-gruff, he-"

"Silence, Cedric," Mirumorz smirked and he teleported.

POP, made the sound.

POP, it did again,

Tim and Tom had teleported right into that room,

"OH MY GOD!" Tim shouted,

Quelfree turned his head a bit and looked at them, "Come here, Tom,"

Tom slowly crept closer, "You killed my favorite-"

"IT WAS MEANT TO BE UMEGRUFF!" Quelfree struggled to say, he now had blood all over his neck and shoulders, the floor was nearly red, "Just take them!"

"Take what?" Tom asked, crying a bit,

"T-The blood," Quelfree stuttered, he was close to actually dying now,

Tom searched in his pocket and pulled out a small vial, he glanced down at Quelfree's pure red blood and took a scoop of it in the vial,

"I always loved you," Cedric struggled, "Always, you're Ebony's son!"

"Why were you horrible to me then?!" Tom asked, he knew Quelfree couldn't answer a billion questions in this time,

"I loved her too, I loved you. I'm your uncle! Remember, Uncle Quelfree. She m-married a h-human, I h-hated humans in that t-t-ime. Look at me!"

Tom stared right into Quelfree's eyes,

"Mirumorz was right in your second y-year, you have Ebony's e-eyes, not the colour, the e-ye s-shape..."

Quelfree's sentence had faded off, blood was covering the floor, and Tom's hands could make a great camoflague with it, Quelfree laid resting on the brick, stone floor.



They had now teleported in a forest, which had the darkest of all dark leaves, and only tiny patches of moonlight flew in through the empty spaces in the ceiling of trees.

"Is Quelfree good or bad?" Tim asked while sobbing,

"Good, he was always good!" Tom said,

"Why'd he kill Bendrist?" Tim said,

"I dunno, but he's good," Tom cried as he grabbed a hankercheif from his pocket, the hankercheif was stained with blood.

They set up the tent and slept for the rest of the night, Tom had no sleep however, as he was afraid of the nightmares which would haunt him. Badly though, he fell asleep.

'Bendrist died,

Quelfree died,


There was the scene, Mirumorz dying, Mirumorz eats an apple and he dies of Magical Food Poisoning,

Or he bumps into a wall and his head falls off.

"TOM! TOM!" Tim yelled, Tom had fallen into a deep, deep sleep,

Tom woke up, a girl with long, blonde hair and a red cardigan and dress had appeared at the door,

"I'm sorry Tom, and Tim!" she cried, her eyes full of tears,

"It's ok Olivia," Tim said, hugging her,


Olivia was still crying, "I know why you're upset, you have a right to be, I never wanted to leave,"

"Quelfree died yesterday," Tom said, now calmed down, but still fuming,

"I saw someone's dead body too," Olivia said, "Right here,"

Tim and Tom came out of the tent to see where Olivia was pointing.

It was a small body, with a pink blouse, and a face covered in dried blood, a wand was missing from her hand, and her neck was crunched by a whole, heavy branch.

"Susan Roddle," Tim gulped, "That means,"

Tim and Tom looked at each other, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tim asked,

"Yeah," Tom said,

"I am too," Olivia said, glancing over her shoulder.

They ran and ran for miles, in the same direction all of the time, hoping to find their destination.

"Round here somewhere," Tim said as he searched the distance with a Telescoping Charm, "I see the path to the Fobull Pitch,"

"Ok," Tom said, the trio sprinted more until they reached a stone path.


The stone path lead to a garden, sealed by a tall, sandstone, wall.

Tom looked on his right, there was a huge wooden structure he known as the Fobull pitch, where he played Fobull in his first year, and then strangely the school abandoned it.

"Should we go inside?" Olivia asked, "I mean, Quelfree's dead,"

Tim nodded, so did Tom, so they crept into the garden and glared through the double-door's windows.

In the Magic Hall, students were staring at Georgia Dagricle,

"Headmaster Quelfree is dead," Dagricle said loudly,

Many students resisted to cheer,

Tom felt a huge urge which he couldn't resist, so he barged into the Magic Hall and snapped a spell he had only used once before right at Dagricle's heart,

"MOORDMURHA!" Tom yelled as loudly as possible,

Dagricle gave a screech, and she flipped over, knocking tables down, and she disintergrated while in the thin air.

Rebecca Umegruff grabbed out her wand, "YOUR AN ORPHAN NOW! CHILD!"


Umegruff was flicked across the room and bashed her head against the wall, causing her to faint.

Tim and Olivia barged through the doors too, Bendrist's Fighters members weilded their wands, shooting spells at Team 10 students.

"Nice to have ya' back, Tom, Tim, Olivia," Jack Hemdoy winked,

"Thanks Jack," Tom smiled,

Emerald Redruby rushed to Tom, "Thomas, why are you here?"

"We, as in me, Tim and Olivia, think there might be one of Mirumorz's Immortality Stones in Milkenshland," Tom said honestly, shouting above the huge outrage of yelling,

"Do what you need to do Tom," Emerald Redruby said, Tom was about to leave until she talked again, "And by the way. Nice to have you back,"

The corridors were packed with fleeing students, Team 10's which sprinted away from the trio.

"Mirumorz's Immortality Stones are around here somewhere!" Tom yelled, he didn't care if anyone else heard,

"We gotta find them!" Tim shouted, "And the sword!"

Olivia stopped them and pulled something out of her pocket, it was the long, diamond sword of Matthew Milkenshland, "You mean this," she winked.

"Yeah, I do," Tom said, and he grabbed the Immortality Stone that he found at 14 Applescoff Road out of his pocket, placed it on a table, and wacked the sword right through it.

"Ouch!" Mirumorz panted,

"What's wrong, Lord Mirumorz?" Hyes Kankrick asked,

"My Immortality Stones, Milkenshland," Mirumorz said,

"We should kill Joshman for that!" Kankrick suggested,

"Nice idea," Mirumorz smirked, "Teleportio Armus,"

All members of Mirumorz's Army teleported straight into the room, "To Milkenshland!" Mirumorz yelled,


Emerald Redruby walked into the Milkenshland garden and pointed her wand at the sky,

"Avalium Strikus,"

"Teleportio Banish,"

The Potions teacher, Wilfred Green stood in the front of the school, pointing his wand at the sky,

"Phantorium Repello,"

"Teleportio Banish,"

"Rishelus Vartslo,"

A huge sheild made of a blue film circled the whole school, people couldn't leave or enter now.

Ernie Darlsday stood in the Magic Hall, waving his wand around the place, "Magic Magic, make me see, for this battle, diddly-dee,"

The reading teacher was suddenly not blind anymore, and stared around the hall, "Oh, I thought I was in my classroom,"

The caretaker, Intor Arglenzt, finally put his lamp down and grabbed out his wand, "Animo Exsterno!"

A dozen statues appeared at the entrance and back of the school which moved when Mirumorz's Army/Evil Group/Bad guys looked away.

The entire Cigam Council appeared in the Hall,

"Kimpley, protect the West side," said a black person in baggy red robes,

"Of course, Reinald,"

"Reinald who, Kimpley?" the black person asked, clenching his teeth,

"Reinald Willerson,"

"Thank you,"

Bendrist's Fighters were equipping their wands, and holding coins,

"What's with the coins?" Tim asked,

"We came up with it last year," Donald smiled.

In one part of the castle Harold ForHenry and John Elfratte were talking,

"What if you die?" John said,

"I won't," Harold said, "Now give Tom your Pearl of Power,"

"Fine," Elfratte sighed, and he walked off.

Tom was sitting in the Team 5 Hang-Out Room, Elfratte had just entered,



"The Pearl of Power," Elfratte said quietly,

Tom turned around and stared at the Pearl, he picked it in his own hand, "Thanks,"

Tom chucked it on the floor, purple smoke filled the room, "Alot," he smiled.


"Miss Redruby. Who's fighting?" Tim asked to the groundskeeper,

"Everyone, we called Wizard Town shop owners, Milkenshtown shop owners, teachers, students, friends, family," she said, "You might get a chance to meet my brother, Alex, but he might be busy, he's got a job at Jahga's Wands,"


"Yeah, I know right," Emerald smiled.

Bob Kompson was standing in the Magic Hall, clutching a letter, he read it aloud,

"Order by Cheif Wannumug Orion James Sintfrum,

Please evacuate all students under the age of 14,"

The students were grabbed by Mr Arglenzt and brought onto the Milkenshland plane, which took off as fast as a racing car.

"Madeline," Kompson said looking at a pointy, crooked-nosed witch with a small mole on her lip, "Bring Ludovic in, Ludovic Hill please,"

"Of course," she said in a sly sneer, "...Headmaster,"

She snickered, showing a missing tooth in her disgusting teeth, "Only if you fetch Ms Barmer,"

Bob rolled his eyes, "Don't you dare get more of those rubbish books anymore!"

Meanwhile, Tom and Oliver Bendrist were walking down Corridor 3N,

"So that's how you know!" Tom said shocked,

"Yep," Oliver smiled proudly, "It's a cool thing, eh Tom?"


"I hope you don't...well..." he lowered his voice into a whisper, "...die,"

"Don't be stup-oh for goodness sake I'm joking-stupid, how many times have I won?"

"Don't act like Mr. Brave-superhero," he said indignantly, "And what's funny?!"

Tom was laughing,

"Sorry-" he said, wiping a tear off his eye, "It's just, first your sad I'm 'insulting' you and now your just doing it to me!"

Oliver frowned.

Harold ForHenry laughed, "But Olivia, Arnold Fibbleyeck wasn't Headmaster until 1716, not 1320,"

Olivia looked shocked, even slightly insulted, "I only know about Matthew Milkenshland, Learte Farlet, Inspon Wheeler, Arnold Fibbleyeck, Percival Bendrist, Simon Siatere-"

"Ok, ok, Olivia," Harold said uncomfortably.

A man stood there, with gleaming red eyes, and pale skin which could be mistaken for a cloud.


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