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  • I live in Minas Morgul
  • My occupation is Witch King
  • I am Nazgul
  • Donut4

    The following sixth book was written by Michael Allen

    "Sit down please," said the man with a black cloak, and a long black hood.

    "Yes, Lord Mirumorz,"

    Mirumorz put his hood down, his skin was pure white, and he had red gleaming eyes.

    "Quelfree, you killed Bendrist," Mirumorz laughed,

    The man with shoulder-length brown hair didn't answer,

    "Umegruff was MEANT to do it though!" the dark wizard yelled at a boy with blonde hair.

    "I'm sorry," Oswald mumbled scaredly, "I tried,"

    Georgia laughed evilly, "No you didn't! You were being a fool, you-"

    "We get the point, Dagricle!" Hyes Kankrick said, his eyes even baggier than before.

    "This is not an argument, this is a meeting," Mirumorz said quietly, but it seemed as if everyone heard him, because all of Mirumorz's A…

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  • Donut4

    The thunder rumbled, trees were losing their leaves and houses were nearly smashed down. Zap! Two people popped out of nowhere, dressed in pitch black cloaks with waterproof hoods. They walked silently through the

    disastrous street. People lay down pouring blood on the floor, but the two people didn't care, the two people just still walked through the damp, dark street. The littered river had started flowing shooting darts of water everywhere,

    and fire splurred from the tall houses of chimneys about every 3 seconds. Cackles were heard faintly as the grey clouds of smoke were drifting slowly as a snail in the sky. Rain was starting to pour and the lightning shot people

    on the floor into death. The road that the two people walked on had a large…

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  • Donut4

    The Prime Minister was writing a report in his giant office. "Darn, the pen ran out of ink," moaned the Prime Minister as his writing was white, he put the pen down on his desk and went to get some tea from his kitchen. As the Prime Minister came back he walked through the door and saw someone in his office, well, it wasn't the Prime Minister's office anymore. He looked out the window and he saw a dirty and littered street below. He looked around the room as the marble walls were shining as the candles were flying in the ceiling. "Where am I?" the scared Prime Minister said to himself, "A House of Parliment," said a man sitting behind the polished, brown desk. "We need you for something Prime Minister," he said and he waved a stick in his …

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  • Donut4

    Thomas woke up in his stuffy room, it was absolutely boiling outside, and the radiator wasn't working so it kept on HEAT all of the time. This wasn't helping him, or even the tourists of Millgrass Avenue outside. Tom heard one of them say "Boy, Preston is so stuffy!" and Tom had no right but agree with him. Tom was still ten and his birthday would be in 3 days, and when he opened his freezer for an ice lolly to cool him down, the ice lollies were melted so Tom was ready to die! The kitchen and living room heat didn't cool the Joshman's down. The air conditioner was having faults because of the heat, Reginald was sweating and wiping the sweat on his jacket sleeve and Ebony needed a hankerchief to wipe her face with because of the hotness of…

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  • Donut4

    "Thomas, Thomas!" shouted the voice that Tom heard all Summer, "THOMAS!" it shouted again. The shout was the unfaithful scream that Tom heard everyday. "COME DOWNSTAIRS THOMAS, NOW!!!" his father screeched again. "Coming!" Tom shouted from his bedroom. "You took your time!" Reginald started shouting at Tom again. "Hun-wuns, he was only late" said the nice voice of Tom's mother, Ebony Joshman. "Actually I was busy THINKING OF MY FRIENDS!" Thomas shouted for the first in his life at his father. "Thomas, it's your birthday in 3 days and me and Reginald don't know what to get you?" asked Ebony faithfully. "Yes, boy. What do you want?" Reginald let out of his mouth in a fierce way. "Hmmm..." thought Tom quietly. "HURRY UP YOU..." shouted Regina…

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