Thomas Joshman
and the Chamber of Immortality (published: November 4 2011) is the third book of the Thomas Joshman series. The story is here.



Tom has a bad summer but meets a very strange creature.

"The Plane"Edit

Tom rides the plane to Milkenshland and tells Tim about Desid.

"The Nightmare"Edit

Tom has a vivid dream and meets a new teacher.

"Mirumorz's Army"Edit

The trio finds out about Mirumorz's past and Tom fights his own step-father.

"Tom's Connection"Edit

As they have a horrible skirmish in the Library Tom has a deadly vision of Mirumorz's doings.

"The Philosopher's Secret"Edit

Patrick Nortons tells Tom who Gavreda really is and what the mysterious objects he sees in his dreams are. It's also Christmas and a duel strikes the Magic Hall.


In the duel Tom gets knocked out and visions his own heaven. And an old friend meets him.

"The Immortal Chamber"Edit

The trio go down a tunnel into the depths of underground and get a bit muddy.

"Mirumorz's New Stone"Edit

Mirumorz makes a new Immortality Stone so Tom duels him. Team 5 happily wins the cup.

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