Brandon Umegruff: "Have you heard about the dark wizard called Mirumorz, he lived 17 years ago, I'm kinda wondering who he was"
Harold Joshman: "I dunno, no-one's ever told me. How'd he die?"
Brandon Umegruff: "I dunno that either"
— Brandon and Tom's son discussing Mirumorz, because Tom didn't want Harold to know who Mirumorz was.
Thomas Joshman
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Alias Tom
Mr Joshman
Quellyfree (by Herbert Woolustuc while disguised)
Side Good Wizard
Wand Crinker Tooth, 56 cm
Birth and Death September 1, 2002 (born)
Job Student
Loyalty *The National Magical Academy of Milkenshland

Thomas Reginald "Tom" Joshman is a boy born from Ebony and Reginald Joshman. He grown up for 8 years until on his ninth birthday he hopped on the Milkenshland Plane and flew to his new Magic School.


Thomas has brown hair, brown eyes and a desire for some trouble. Tom is good at befriending but not with Team 10 since he is in Team 5. Tom is a Half-Wizard and has attended the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland ever since he was 9.



Tom duelling Mirumorz moments before the dark wizard's death.

Tom was a kind and caring boy who lost his temper at times (Team 5 trait). He always helped his friends when they were in trouble and always stopped Mirumorz before he could destroy anything. Tom is self-defensive and would be angry or would fight if someone did or said something untrue and mean about him. Example: Harold Emeralson's evil plot in 2014.


Percival Bendrist

Tom's relationship with his headmaster Percival Bendrist is very big. Bendrist works to protect his students but mostly Tom and his best friends. According to the Farlingson family, Bendrist is distantly related to Thomas.

Timothy Woolustuc

Tom has been friends with Timothy Woolustuc ever since they attended Milkenshland. Tim and Tom are both in the same team and they will be best friends forever.

Olivia Pardelfoff

Tom has been friends with Olivia Pardelfoff since 2012. Tom had a secret crush on her when they first met, but then just became friends with her afterwards. Olivia helped Tom and Tim complete the Immortality Stone Hunt in 2016 - 2017 because of their friendship.

Magical Abilities

  • Duelling: Thomas was a good dueller and won nearly every one. He knew how to cast Mevobis Defendere and Avalium brilliantly.
  • Alchemy: He was good at creating good stones and others in Hickory Hunk's classes.
  • Charms: Tom had to be good at bewitching in order to become a Magnus.
  • Potions: Tom had to be good at brewing in order to become a Magnus.
  • Transfiguration: Tom had to be good at transfiguring in order to become a Magnus.
  • Teleporting: Thomas was a good teleporter and used the ability well in the Infultration of the Government of Magic in 2016.

Behind the Scenes

  • Tom has the same ambition as Harry Potter; to become a dark-wizard catcher