Samuel Petrellico
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Alias Mirumorz
Lord Mirumorz
Times in jail 2
Wand Superior Wand
Birth and Death July 13, 1956 (birth)
Job Alakazap Prisoner (formerly)
Dark Wizard
Loyalty Mirumorz's Army
Evil Group
First Appearance Thomas Joshman and the Duel of Darkness

Samuel James Petrellico (b. July 13 1959 d. April 3 2017) was a Dark wizard who has killed many people, he was featured in two fact books (Dark Wizards of the World and Daft Darkness of the Chaotic Century).


Milkenshland yearsEdit

First gradeEdit

Samuel recieved a letter from his friend Donald McCarl about becoming a dark wizard. John Bevolson was headmaster and Petrellico was deeply saddened when he was sacked, because they were both dark.

Third grade
Death of za

Zacharias' murder in the Dungeon cupboard


Mirumorz killed Zacharias Winman in his third grade, in order to become master of the Bracelet of Future.

Fourth gradeEdit

Samuel made a public, rememberable and sneaky escape. In the Hallowe'en Duel of 1970 he murdered Morgan Steel and left the school in shock and horror, especially Ebony Joshman.

Mirumorz's ArmyEdit

Around after his leaving, he formed Mirumorz's Army, a high gang of killing dark wizards. Including: Imsto Fcreeb, Susan Roddle, Donald McCarl, John Seddler and many, many more.

First break-outEdit

Mirumorz was imprisoned into Alakazap prison in 1991, and broke out in 2012. He targeted the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland.

Second jailingEdit

After the Battle in the Tomb of the Government, he was caught by Harold Emeralson and imprisoned in the Tomb of the Government's tunnels.

Second break-outEdit

He broke out of the tunnel around before the Summer of 2016, and held a Mirumorz's Army and Evil Group meeting.

Battle of MilkenshlandEdit


Tom duelling Mirumorz moments before the dark wizard's death.

With help from Eddie and Freddie Fishfield, Thomas Joshman was able to murder Petrellico himself.

He had the whole of Milkenshtown, the teachers, students, Cigam Council and Bendrist's Fighters onto him.

Physical appearanceEdit

"Mirumorz levitated slowly into the air, he stopped at about 10 feet, he rotated so it was if he was lying down in air and suddenly his eyes popped out, his mouth came off, his nose was exploding and his hands, and head was on fire. You couldn't see the face or hands under the fire but he suddenly drifted down. More uglier, more silvery and more molten than before"
—Mirumorz making an Immortality Stone

Samuel was a pale, red-eyed, ugly and wrinkled man. He was known to be as "pale as a cloud" [1] When he was young, however, he was a dark-undereyed, tall, brown haired boy who was a "kind" Special Student.

Personality and traitsEdit

Mirumorz was evil and unkind, and killed people whenever he lost his temper or didn't forgive them. He mostly threatened his army, and sometimes acted weird with Evil Group members, which highly annoyed Hyes Kankrick.

Petrellico thought he could beat everyone, as he kept saying Bendrist and Tom would die that time when he met them, but they always won against the dark wizard.

Magical abilities and skillsEdit


Thomas JoshmanEdit


Thomas Joshman

Thomas Reginald Joshman was Mirumorz's archest enemy, and battled him four times. Starting the Battle of Milkenshland to kill him, and cast about a dozen dodged Moordmurha spells at him.

Timothy WoolustucEdit

Mirumorz would have an automatic hate for Woolustuc for being friends with Tom. This proves also a point for Tim when he called Mirumorz an "idiot".

Olivia PardelfoffEdit

During the meeting in 2016, the member of Mirumorz's Army developed great hate speech for Olivia Pardelfoff, all because Georgia Dagricle revealed her stolen wand.

Mirumorz's Army and Evil GroupEdit

Mirumorz cared for his disciples a bit, but to himself he was the pure and true wizard.


Miru means Peace in Czech,

Mors means Death in Latin,

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In Thomas Joshman and the Stone of Immortality it says the letter was written in 1966. But Mirumorz was born in 1959 and you start Milkenshland at age 9. 1959 + 9 = 1968, so Samuel Petrellico hadn't started Milkenshland yet.
  • Mirumorz has the power to turn into black smoke.
  • The whole entire timeline of Petrellico and Quelfree's time at Milkenshland is inconsise. As Quelfree is technically in his first grade when Mirumorz kills Steel. But he is somehow in his older years.


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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