Reginald Joshman (b. 1950) is a Human in the Joshman family. His youngest son

Reginald in 2012

and wife are magical but he, like his eldest son, is a Human and unmagical. He is strict and bossy not to just Thomas, but to Ebony aswell. He usually wears a suit.



In 2011 when Thomas Joshman got his Milkenshland Acceptance Letter he was fuming and threw it in the fire and made Tom not eat the cake that was after dinner. Sooner Milkenshland thought Tom didn't recieve the letter so they gave Reginald more, until the entire house was booming of letters, and Reginald out of his own will, decided to let Tom go to Milkenshland as long as he got out of his house.


In 2012, Thomas Joshman was 10 years old and Reginald drove him to the nearby train station and they had a train-ride to London so Tom and him could go to the Wizard Town. Reginald looked in the DIY Magical Emporium shop and Tom bought a Toffee ice cream in Johnson's Ice Cream Parlour.