The Location of Milkenshland

The National Magical Academy of Milkenshland is a school of magic


located near Dundee and Edinburgh in Scotland. Milkenshland is on a hill inbetween two large lakes and it can only be seen by Wizards or Witches. Humans just see pure nothing. Head of Teams can choose Special Students for their team when they become a Grade 7 student.


Students start Milkenshland at age 9 and end at age 21. The last 2 grades (Grade 11 and 12) are H.A.F.T. (Horrible Assignments From Teachers) years so they can have a good life in a job. Once you are 18 in the school you can attend school and have a job at the same time. Jobs differ between Fobull player or Government of Magic employee. So if the student desires to, they can skip some parts of the school year doing their jobs.


Headmaster Bob Kompson

Deputy Headmaster Bob Kompson 1975 - 2016

Deputy Headmistress Georgia Dagricle 2016 - 2017

Jenny Harper (receptionist)

Emerald Redruby (groundskeeper)

Intor Arglenzt (caretaker)

Monroe (plane pilot)

Imsto Fcreeb (human studies) ? - 2012

Diaboli Yavle (human studies) 2012 - 2013

Patrick Nortons (human studies) 2013 - 2014

Susan Roddle (human studies) 2014 - 2015

John Elfratte (human studies) 2015 - 2016

Rebecca Umegruff (human studies) 2016 - 2017

Georgia Dagricle (spells) 2016 - 2017

Cedric Quelfree (spells) 1990 - 2016

Hickory Hunk (alchemy) ? - 2012

Ernie Darlsday (reading)

Wilfred Green (potions)

Fabell (unknown)

Corklaje (unknown)

Anderson (unknown)

Former HeadmastersEdit

Matthew Milkenshland (958 - 1078)

Sir Learte Farlet (1078 - 1120)

John Bevolson (1949 - 1966)

Percival Bendrist (1966 - 2016)

Bob Kompson (2016 - 2016)

Cedric Quelfree (2016 - 2017)


Name Notable features Noted students
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4 Where the loyal, but dumb students go
Team 5 Son of famous Ebony Joshman went here

Thomas Joshman, Timothy Woolustuc, Olivia Pardelfoff, Edward Fishfield, Fred Fishfield, John Elfratte, Cedric Quelfree, Ebony Joshman, Harold ForHenry, Percival Bendrist

Team 6 Intellegent and magical, has an invisible-from-outside Hang-Out Room

Team 7

Annoying but learning students go here Consectetuer Adipiscing
Team 8
Team 9
Team 10 Where the future evil go Oswald Umegruff, Armando Fropple, Donald McCarl, Samuel Petrellico