Knockback Spell
Incantation Avalium (av-al-ee-um)
Effect Shoots target across a room or place.
Light Green
First Appearance Thomas Joshman and the Mirror of Dreams

Avalium is a spell which shoots an opponent across the room or area. It doesn't do any damage unless they bump into a sharp or dangerous object while being hit by the spell.

Known usesEdit

Caster Victim Note
Cedric Quelfree Unidentified Team 5 boy In 2011, When the boy tried sneaking into the kitchens for more food, Quelfree deflected him away from it.
Thomas Joshman Oswald Umegruff and more Team 10 boys In 2011, When the Team 10 boys broke into the Team 5 Hang-Out Room, Tom deflected them out.
Thomas Joshman Samuel Petrellico In 2012, Petrellico broke into the Magic Hall and started a duel. Tom used this spell.