Johnson's Ice Cream Parlour is an ice cream shop & parlour located in the Wizard Town. It covers about
3 houses squared, and the glass door is in the shape of an ice-cream cone. The building has 5 floors.

Floor 1Edit

Floor 2 & 3Edit

  • 5 eating rooms
  • Toilet

Floor 4Edit

  • 3 eating rooms

Floor 5Edit

Known flavors they sellEdit

  • Swishy Strawberry
  • Cheesy Chocolate
  • Velvet Vanilla
  • Teamworking Toffee
  • Miny Mint
  • Spinachy Sick
  • Boopy Blood
  • Easy Electricity
  • Marvelous Magic
  • Chommy Chili
  • Pawn Pizza
  • Bring-it-on Burgers
  • Bad Boiled Sweets

Wizard Town
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