Imsto Arpeu Fcreeb (d. July 30, 2012) was a Dark Wizard, Demon and former Human Studies teacher of the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland. He died in the Mirror of Dreams Chambers in 2012 by Thomas Joshman.


Early lifeEdit

He must of joined Samuel Petrellico after leaving his magical education, unless he broke out as Thomas Joshman, Timothy Woolustuc, Olivia Pardelfoff, Oswald Umegruff and Samuel Petrellico did, as he was featured on the list of Mirumorz's Army in 2014.

As Human Studies teacherEdit


Imsto Fcreeb in his horrible form, a demon

"He written complicated words like “Quiklegristus” and “Aeuer” but Tom known one thing he written, “Aquacackle”. Tom forgot so he asked Tim what it meant and Tim replied “Stugrust, that means I don’t know”"
—One of Fcreeb's first year classes about a lamppost

Fcreeb was a fair Human Studies teacher, and Headmaster Percival Bendrist also kindly accepted him in the school even though he was a monstrous beast. Imsto was kind with all years but was secretly an evil person, gaining power for his dark Lord Mirumorz.


While he was on his quest to steal C.E.Q.'s prized Mirror of Dreams for his Master, he was stopped by Thomas Joshman in far underground chambers. It is unknown how he completed the death-threatening tasks to get there though.

Physical appearanceEdit

Fcreeb was a short person, with neat light-brown hair and dull grey eyes. He wore curled shoes and a thick tie.

Personality and traitsEdit

Imsto was kind in public, with a loving and caring attitude topped with funny quotes; except in private, he worshiped his power-hungry Lord Mirumorz who tried to ressurrect himself at the time, and forcefully and successively killed Tom and Tim's three other friends.


Milkenshland studentsEdit


Diaboli Yavle, Fcreeb's successor

He was kind and funny to the students of Milkenshland and done fun lessons with them, no matter which grade they were in and which gender they were.

Thomas JoshmanEdit

He was an enemy to Thomas Joshman after the boy found out about the evil teacher's doing, setting Crinkers to kill him, abusing him to go into the Dark Forest where a dragon was, and finally leering him into the Underground Chambers to get murdered by the many puzzles.

Mirumorz and his armyEdit

Fcreeb was a secret and loyal member to Mirumorz's Army, and done his master's bidding at any cost, such as spying on Percival Bendrist and others.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • For some reason, in Mirror of Dreams, his name is set out as "IMSTO – Arpeu +=E) Fcreeb" instead of just "Imsto Arpeu Fcreeb". This might of been a part of Wizard Language (e.g. TIMOTHY - Herbert +=E) Woolustuc)


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