Ebony Joshman (nee Farlingson) (b. 1960) was a witch, the wife of Reginald Joshman and the mother of Thomas and Patrick Joshman. She was in Team 5 when she was in the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland and now she works in the Human world as a person in the British Government who makes decisions.


Harold ForHenry's gangEdit

Harold ForHenryEdit


Harold ForHenry

Ebony was friends with Harold ForHenry at her Milkenshland years, he trusted Ebony so much that he even kicked out Quelfree when he started hating Ebony and started to bully Cedric.

Cedric QuelfreeEdit

Ebony first met Cedric Quelfree on the Milkenshland Plane and fell in love with him later in their years, Quelfree later called Ebony a 'foul little utarix' and they broke up.

John ElfratteEdit

Ebony had a little relationship with the poor, quiet John Elfratte. Mainly because he was shabby, bearded and silent all of the time.

Thomas JoshmanEdit

Thomas Joshman, Ebony's favourite and famous son, was the vanquisher of Samuel Petrellico, but Ebony didn't witness this as her old friend Cedric Quelfree, had murdered her.

Reginald JoshmanEdit

Ebony met her husband, Reginald Joshman some time around the 1990s. It is unknown if Reginald found out what she really was.

Patrick JoshmanEdit

Ebony had a secret hate for her greedy, unpleasant and dumb son, as he knocked Tom's door down (needing to be replaced) and also was spoiled.