Donut4 is the author of the Thomas Joshman series of books. He was born in the North East of England and didn't even plan the books. Donut4 written first book on Microsoft Word and published it on Hogwarts Roleplay Wiki on his blog, and soon published it on this wiki. The second book he published on WordPad so it got kind of out of order and doesn't make sense the way it is in places, but it is veiwable here.

Books authoredEdit

Donut4's statisticsEdit

  • Real name: Michael
  • Total TJ books published so far: 4
  • Lives: North East, England
  • Birth: August 25

In Universe Donut4Edit

Hopes, Beliefs and RumoursEdit


  • Make a MOD movie with his real life friend on WebCam, and upload it to YouTube
  • Make chapter titles for future TJ books (suggested by his brother's girlfriend) ✓


  • Donut4 is a christian


  • Quelfree and Bendrist will die in the books later on. ✓
  • There will be a Battle of Milkenshland ✓
  • Olivia Pardelfoff marries Timothy Woolustuc ✓
  • There will be a merchandise book coming out soon