Consectetuer Mostes Adipiscing (b. 2004 d. December 23, 2013) was a student at the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland. She was in the Adipiscing family and she is very annoying.


  • Consectetuer Adipiscing is funny in Latin
  • Mostes is a change-of-word of Molestus which means annoying in Latin
  • [Funny [Annoying] Funny]


Major battles
Onslaught in the Milkenshland Library - Fight in the Hidden Room - Fight for the Mirror of Dreams - Skirmish between Mirumorz and Thomas Joshman - The Chamber of Immortality Quest - Battle of Bendrist
Minor battles
Halloween Duel in the Magic Hall - Skirmish in the Magic Hall on Christmas I - Skirmish in the Magic Hall on Christmas II
Thomas Joshman - Samuel Petrellico - Hickory Hunk - Percival Bendrist - Cedric Quelfree - Timothy Woolustuc - Lee Joshman - Consectetuer Adipiscing - Imsto Fcreeb - Olivia Pardelfoff

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